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Hey guys

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by phaemous, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. Hey guys and girls! :) im new to riding. I just got my bike yesterday its a kawasaki zzr250 1992 model. I wana get a major service done but dont know any places to go to. If you guys know any places please let me know. Much appreciated. Thanks Phae.

  2. Welcome to NR , Phae ! As for the advice , your location isn't showing in your profile so it makes it a bit hard to comment.
  3. ^^ This and welcome.
  4. Thanks guys. NR seems like a cool forum :) my location is nsw liverpool area.
    Today I got quoted 450 for a major service is that a fair price? Since the bikes done 60000kms ??
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    Depends on what they're including in the service - obviously oil , oil filter , air filter , carburetor balance , valve clearance check , new spark plugs ; general going over of the bike to check things like brake pad condition front and rear ; chain tension , condition and lubrication ; steering head and swingarm bearing check , would be what I would expect a major service to include.

    Is this what they're going to be doing ?

    I'm sure someone from the general Sydney area will post a response soon enough ( like @hornet@hornet )

    Depending on how long since it was last done it might also need new coolant and/or new brake fluid too .
  6. Yeah thats pretty much what he said he was gona do in the major service. The list he said was alot but to me i didn't understand half the things he said since this is my first bike and I dont know my bike parts plus he said it over the phone so kinda forgot lol :( all I remember was replacing all fluids, oil, oil filter, air filter, lubrications, something to do with the shocks, valve clearance. But pretty sure theres more things his gona do.

    And quick question.. My rear wheel is 140/70-17
    Will it fit a 150/70-17??

    Thanks alot for the help goldnine :)
  7. ^^ Not sure about the bigger tyre - depends on how much clearance there is between the sides of the tyre and the swing-arm .

    As a very general rule , best to stick to the manufacturer recommended size .
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  8. Ah ok. Thanks for the advice.
    Hope to meet you guys on a cruise one day :)
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    No probs .
    Fairly unlikely you'll see me or Mcsenna on a ride - we're both in Adelaide. Although my oldest sister lives near Camden , so who knows ?

    Not sure what the actual thread title is called , but check out the learner practice sessions at Homebush which I think are held on most Saturdays. You'll be sure to meet some great people.

    edit : https://netrider.net.au/events/nsw-sydney-learner-sessions.1859/
  10. Welcome. A "Line in the sand" service of a bike you've just bought is a good idea, and worth paying for. I've got a 19 year old 750 and my services cost over $350, so I don't think that quote's out of line.....

  11. Thanks hornet. Yeah im going with the major service next week and getting a pair of new tyres for her aswell. gona be ready to ride next week! Can't wait!

    Thank you all again for the kind welcome and help. ☺
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