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Hey guys

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by DanSpon, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Name is Daniel and I'm a pretty new rider from SA currently riding a Suzuki Across. Plan to upgrade to a mate's FZR 250 until I'm off restriction. Mainly ride Southern around the hills (clarendon, Mclaren Vale ect) and can't wait to hit some track days.

    Look forward to meeting some other riders and enjoying the riding life. :-({|=
  2. Pretty huh?

    Not my thing, but post some pics and we'll judge for ourselves :D

    Welcome to NR mate!
  3. Welcome to NR :)

    Have lots of fun here!

    Personally, I'd learn on the across and then upgrade when you are off restrictions.

    The across is a great bike to learn on :)
  4. haha. Off to a good start but I'm sure I can PM you something a little special.

    I agree lowercase but the only real reason for my upgrade is due to my buddy making a very generous offer. Otherwise I'd just stick with Suzi. :)
  5. $20 bike? :D
  6. Just make sure you're not trading "up" to something that's in worse condition. There's really no significant difference in performance between the two.
  7. Not that generous! haha.

    Both are pretty decent condition and I know the entire history of his. Having ridden both back to back I prefer the FZR and it's more super sports orientation.
  8. You actually know the original Japanese owner?
  9. Well entire was the wrong word to use since it obviously was an import. What I should of said was the last 5 or so years of it's life. ](*,)
  10. Hi Daniel, welcome to NR.