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Hey guys! Some Q's

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Tesh #4, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. Okay so im pretty new with this whole motorbike thing and will be buying my first LAMS bike after I do my course!

    Let me introduce myself,

    My name is Tesh, I'm 16, from sydney and I have recently developed a desire to own a bike!

    Im thinking about purchasing the CBR250r (used cond) and adding a Yoshimura or Arrow exhaust to it. Thoughts on it being my first bike? And where do I buy an exhaust and have it installed (sydney)?

    And am I posting my questions in the right section? lol

    -Tesh :)
  2. Great first bike. Have a look on eBay for an exhaust. Any mechanic shop that can tighten up 2 bolts should be able to put it on.
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  3. Hey, cheers for being my first reply lol.
    I cant buy on ebay or anywhere online, ill need to get one instore - know any locations around sydney for good deals?
  4. Hi Tesh, Welcome. Make sure you budget for riding gear before you start thinking of addons ;) The CBR is a good bike, but if you are a bigger guy you may want to think of something a bit bigger.

    In Sydney you can look at MCAS for exhausts http://www.mcas.com.au
  5. Welcome to NR !
  6. Thank you, thank you!
    Im nearly 6 foot and I weight around 67kg, i think the CBR should be fine, dont you? Yeah ive researched the protective gear and it does cost a pretty penny! :/
  7. I'm in the don't mod a LAMS bike except for safety(loud horn, better lights) camp. Just pissing money away unless you keep the bike long term. Also second cjvfr's post.
  8. Hey man, thanks! Used to live in Adelaide myself :)
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  9. Loud pipes save lives?!
    Thanks for the tip, ill look into getting horns and better lights first.
  10. Only one way to tell, sit on one and see how it feels. If you can get to Saturday practice at Homebush I am sure there will be other CBR250R riders there you can talk to.

    Riding gear will cost you a bit but it lasts a long time and if you do have an off it will give you some protection.

    You can try http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com.au they have some good prices.

    Welcome to two wheels. :)
  11. welcome aboard mate :]
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  12. Welcome to Netrider! Great bike choice, the CBR250r is fun bike to go fast and learn on. (y)

    As for the exhaust, unless your getting the whole system + fuel controller. Don't expect any power gains. (in fact, you actually lose out on top end power compared the to stock exhaust).
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  13. Thanks guys, appreciate it!
    Looking for just that sound by the way ;)