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Hey Guys, new L Plater.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Beebs, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. Hello all,

    Been browsing the site for a couple of weeks now and looks very informative.

    I just got my L's this weekend and look forward to contributing to the Forum and getting out there on the road.

    Looking for ZZR 250 in the NSW/ACT region if anyone knows of any. Budget max at 4k.

  2. Hi there Beebs! Congratulations on getting your L's.

    You shouldn't have much trouble finding your bike. Try your local dealers and places like bikesales and trading post. I know of somebody got one just recently for a little less than that and was quite happy.
  3. Welcome, congratulations on getting your Ls and good lucking hunting down your bike of choice (wouldn't mind jumping on a ZZR250 to try one out).
  4. Hi Beebs, congratulations on the L's, if you put your location on your profile it'll make it easier for folks to recommend stuff. Welcome to Netrider :grin:
  5. Congrats Beebs & welcome to NR \:D/
  6. Well done beebs, and welcome.
  7. Congrats on your L's. i Love my ZZR.
  8. Hello, welcome and congrats - all the best with your search!
  9. congrats...
  10. Thanks for the Welcomes,

    Good idea to update the Location. Done and Done!
  11. Welocme & good luck trying to find a decent ZZR for under $4k ur gonna need it.

  12. Well done Beebs. Good choice, the zzr is a nice bike my mate like them so much he bought 2 at once. They are a comfy ride.
  13. Congrats and hope the search is fruitful.
  14. Thanks for that feedback Rom Rom.

    Does anyone else have an opinion on the quality of ZZR i could get for this price? Am I going to struggle to find one?

    From what I have seen I should be able to pick a decent one up for around 4k?
  15. Welcome Beebs and congrats on your Ls.
  16. you shoulden struggle but they go quickly
  17. Congratulations Beebs! Bikes are brilliant. I haven't been on the roads for long myself, but the more I practised my skills, the more I enjoyed it. I'm now a total addict :D
  18. Welcome to the nut house beebs and congrats on the L's
    good luck with the search