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Hey guys...need some help!!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Word_a_Mowf, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. New guy here (i can see some people rolling their eyes...haha)...

    Been lurking around the forums, but finally decided to post.

    I'm going for my licence in a few months, and have already started looking for a bike.

    This is where I need your help.

    What I am after...well...I basically want a:

    reliable bike - something I wont need to spend money on constantly
    NOT an import
    nothing too old
    4 stroke, 250cc - have heard stories of power bands kicking in on Aprillia's and scaring the sh*t out of people who have only been riding for a few months

    I _like_ bikes with fairings better, but I'm open minded.

    SO far...I hav these in mind.

    Honda VTR250
    Kawasaki GPX 250/ZZR250

    oh and those Spadas are beautiful bikes. I had no idea they were so old!

    Im 5'11, so i WOULD prefer a smaller bike, and something easy to handle, I am afterall only a learner, so speed does not concern me. (and thats why I also don't want a 2 stroke 125, or 250), eventhough the Cogiva is HOT! So yeah...pitty...coz I find the Aprillia, the Cogiva, and the NSR to be the best _looking_ choices around. Ah well.

    My budget for the bike, itself is about $4-5000...I'll take care of the other costs too obviously.

    Thanks guys!
  2. u sound a bit like me, i based my needs on:

    - unfaired --> cheaper insurance
    - non-import --> again cheaper insurance (by the way, the CBR250rr is classed as a grey import i think)
    - 4-stroke, power reasons, n cbf with all the work to keep em goin.
    - something that doesnt require too much work ---> not too old bike.

    in the end im goin for the VTR250. sure theyre a bit higher in the pricing compared to alot, but theyre a beautiful bike, and comfy too! thats the other thing, u need to go out n sit on these bikes, see how they feel. fairly indestructable, and assuming u dont thrash it, with basic services n stuff, i dont see how it will require much maintenance.

    the Spada and the CB/F are also pretty much indestructable, along with the GPX250. dunno much about the others.

    either way, u can ask people all u want, but i rekon the best way to decide on a bike, is look at all ur options, read up on them, read what others have to say about them - bike revues - and go out and jump on em!

    dont forget about good gear either :wink:

    all the best! :grin:
  3. Hi,

    Firstly welcome to the forum.

    I havent been in this forum for very long. Only been here since I started riding about 2months ago. Its been great help here.

    As for the bikes, I would recomend a 4 stroke 250cc for a first bike. Very easy to look after and also quite reliable too. I've got a CBR250RR too. Its been good to me, but had my share of spills on it.

    As for a two stroke I dont really know enough about them so I cant give you much advice there. As for my bike I riden it about 20-30min in a car park and just took it out on the road. I had no road experince at all not even in a car. I still managed. At the end of the day I came back found abit of empty road and gave my right wrist a flick and I was in for a shock. As my bike gets to about 9000rpm she gets into her power band and just shoots off. Thats the scary part but I got used to it after a week or so. But now I feel I dont have enough power these days.

    The first month of riding on the road would scare everyone though. Its quite normal.

    Ill start you off with a bike that I'veseen around. Its a CBR250RR. One of the cleanest around and at a good price too. Since I dont know where you are. I'll just give this as an example first. Im not too sure about the details of the bike though.


    Hoped I helped abit.
  4. great replies, thanks guys!

    I AM in Melbourne by the way, so, my search/research begins as of tomorrow!

    another thing...I will be doing the 2 day learner course thingy at HART, in Tulla....now...after I do that...I get my licence...at Vic Roads, or can it be done there and then (at HART), right after my course??

    From what I understand...the 2 day learner course will set me back...about $250...plus the L's issue fees...another $50 or so??


    Just read up on the licencing fees...seems all the cost is included in the 2 Day Leaner Course.

  5. At harts everything is included. So you pay $250 and u'll get the license. Providing you pass it of cause. I done my L's there too and they were pretty good. going for my P's there at the end of next month and planning to do it at harts again.

    When you pass the course u'll get a paper slip saying that you have you're L's and can ride with that slip. Then in about 4-6weeks(if I remember correctly) Vicroads will send you the actual L's by mail.

    Just a note as well, If you dont have a car license and you havnt done any knowledge tests with vicroads, tell you're instructor then they'll arrange the extra test for you to get u're L's at no extra cost.

    If you're in Melbourne and thinking of getting a CBR I really recomend Pixxie's bike(she selling it now). Im sure its in very good condition for a very good price too.
  6. Hi and welcome to NR.
    I think you're in trouble on most of your specs.
    All bikes require money spent on them. K for K its a heap more than a regular car (but thats not why we ride) plus gear that needs replacing too.
    All bikes are imports. Cant think of any Aust built bikes that you would consider.
    No 2 stroke will pull your arms out of thier sockets. You still control your right wrist so its up to you. They do "come on" but you dont just vaporise!
    You wont go wrong with any bikes on your list but you will need to try them on.
    Do not buy what looks hot if it doesnt suite because you wont or cant ride it properly.
    It must fit you and your wants.

    You dont "need" a motorcycle, you "want" one.

  7. Pffft.

    What you talk'n 'bout Willis?
  8. Its not clear enough Duffman?
    Just putting a motorcycle purchase into some perspective.
    Hands up all those who "need" a bike. Think about it......... :)
  9. All good although keep in mind there'd be a lot more grey import CBRs than official-import CBRs. If you want to avoid grey imports then you could also consider a Suzuki Across or GSF250V Bandit. Being 5'11 is hardly going to limit your choices, in fact i doubt there'd be any 250 that'd be too big for you (they were designed for Japanese riders after all).
  10. *puts hand up*

    I know if I didn't have a bike last year, I would have gone stir crazy from being stuck at home recovering with my fcuked shoulder. Even to so much I wrote a letter to TAC asking that they review their policy of not reimbursing motorcycle licence reviews due to people "not needing" them. After reading my 2 page letter, I was called up and asked to send in the receipt for my assessment and was promptly reimbursed. So I hope I've paved the way for TAC to realise that there are some cases where people need a motorcycle. At least the government body, TAC believe I do :grin: I just hope it helps someone one day from being able to pay for a review after an accident and use a motorbike for the mental help that they can give, such as I needed this year.
  11. ZZR250 is the go, or the GPX250 is also a great bike. But it will also depend on what you are comfy on. The ZZR is certainly a fairly big 250. Where as your CBR's are quite a small bike. Just go check them out and wait until you have your L's, then you can take a few for a ride. I am sure there would be a few of here who would be more than willing to give you a hand looking.. :wink:
  12. thanks guys!

    As for the...need vs want..i KNOW i don't need a motorbike...but I do want one...we don't need many of the things we own.

    Anyhow..as much as I like the VTR and the Spada, etc..not to keen on a bike that is "upright" (I noticed that today after sitting on one)...so i DO want something sportier.

    GPX looks very "OLD"...even the post 2000 models look like they're straight from the 80's.

    The ZZR is much the same, looks wise..

    CBR looks like my only option, unless I go 2 stroke, which I am not keen on at all.

    hold on...is CBR250RR a 4 or 2 stroke bike??

    please excuse the ignorance...very new at this still
  13. a cbr250 is a 4 stroke. the 2 stroke honda is the NSR. the spada is definatly a sportier ride than the VTR, clip ons. but its an import so no good for you.
    good luck on getting an australian dealer sold CBR250 for 5 grand. they are fairly rare and priced accordingly, at least when i was looking last year.


    edit: oh and by the way its a shame you have written off the VTR, they are an awesome, bullet proof bike, that are more than capable compared to any other learners bike in the right hands
  14.  Top
  15. That's a great looking bike

    I still like the VTR...but yeah...it's a bit (and no offense to any owners) of a grandpa looking bike...with the huge headlight and all

    as I said..I've heard nothing but good things about it, just not my cup of tea.

    I've seen a few CBR250RR's around, and know someone who is selling their's in 2 months.

    See how it goes, but I will definately not rush, coz when emotions are involved, I make silly decisions
  16. It is straight from the 80's, but then so to is the CBR (and pretty much every other 250). The closest thing to a truly modern 250 would be the Hyosung GT250R.
  17. ha! got me there.

    I just find the styling of the CBR more appealing...to me at least..

    but i'm still not "locked down" to a CBR...

    I'll try keep an open mind!
  18. would a bike with a steel craddle frame, and a air/oil cooled motor really be anymore modern? it has a much lower peak output than any of the other sports 250s. the only thing that seems modern on them is the faring.

  19. If you like that style of bike (fully faired, 4 stroke, 4 cylinder "racer" style), you've also got the Kawasaki ZXR250 and the Yamaha FZR250. They're from the same era and have a similar design to the CBR250RRRRRRRRRRR. You'd probably be able to a ZXR or FZR a bit cheaper than the CBR as well. Not sure of they were "official Aus imports" or greys though...
  20. Since when did steel frames become outdated? Someone better tell Ducati to stop winning the MotoGP then I guess.