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Hey Guys looking for L's / P's to ride with!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by waynoes, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone, im wayne. Im 23 and am from Sydney, northern beaches.

    I got my L's about a month ago and have done a bit under 1000 kms of weekend riding, and loved every second.

    I was wondering if any other L or P platers wanted to go out for cruise sometime? I hear that group riding is pretty fun so wouldnt mind having a go!

    i ride a Kawasaki ninja 250r. If you are interested post up and we can sort out a time to ride!

    cheers everyone
  2. Random question, but you didn't do the test at Loftus did you?

    Edit: No wait, the guy i'm thinking of was local to Sutherland area...
  3. hey mate

    nah i didnt, i did my test at the HART St Ives.
  4. if your dedicated enough there is the penrith area run....the learner meet at homebush to memory do abit of a group ride after their practices on saturdays (nothing too big but still gets you out and about) and if you feel your upto it skill wise there is the putty run - but don't expect [MENTION=33072]NiteKreeper[/MENTION] to stick around and hold your hand on the putty run, by most people's account's he's a ****ing hoon that races highway patrol for a warm-up.
  5. I don't know who keeps saying this shit about me, but they should probably get in touch - been thinking about writing my memoirs lately and I like their turn-of-phrase...
    Oh, and welcome Wayne-o...

  6. hey thanks for this! if i got a free saturday i will definitely head to this.
    i wouldnt mind doing the old pacific highway again but with a group.
    but then again, just riding with other people anywhere would be enough!
  7. do u even know how to ride?

    would you keep your distance from my ducati 1199 panigale? I don't want some noob crashing in the back of me
  8. yeh sweet as!
    i dunno if your info is current but i sort of live in sydney and it says you live in Melbourne...... :-s

    .......or i got this strange feeling that you might be that guy all the girls have been raving about down in melbourne. something about a footlong and TMC. but i might be way off....
  9. Hi waynos
    Nr has some weirdos eh
  10. if im catching up to you on my 250 with your 1199, something must be wrong.
    footlong in way most likely

    hey mate! yeh lol. but this guy is a legend in melbourne, my mates from there told me about big_dan. is no lie
  11. i pick things up and put them down along with rainbow zumba, wii fit and shakeweight
  12. Don't be bringing Misc in to this shiznit, place is cray enough as it is!
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  13. hahah netrider is nothing compared to misc

    mods would poo themselves if they had to deal with that shit lol
  14. Well it wasnt me thats for sure

    And why are mates checking out blokes
    Wtf is with that
    What is going on here ,
  15. im only going on what i heard mate.
    but if this is the same guy then we got a legend amongst us.
  16. I'm also a 'lone rider' but I am in the sutherland area so by the time we met up it would count as a ride :)

    I do RNP runs nearly every Sunday if anyone is interested. P plater on cbr250ra
  17. Same bike as me and also from Sutherland area...!

    I've got a mate who also same area and same bike (but his is red), and a couple other mates pretty local.

    Could get a group ride together one day if you don't mind having 2 L platers along :)
  18. Yep well as I said nearly every Sunday I do the run if weather is good.

    I leave about 9am, stop at Bald Hill for a coffee and the view, then go down further just past Thirroul. Then take the round about back up the same way and depending on time back through RNP or the highway.

    I'm home around 12 for lunch
  19. Theres a group on facebook called "Sydney L&P riders" that I usually TEC......we mainly do Putty but do also go other places, the next ride will be to Bathurst and Mount Panorama...........good bunch of blokes. We ride pretty sedately so dont worry about skill levels, in any case, ill keep an eye out for ya out back :)....................

    Im also gonna start up a weekday night ride out your way doing OPH........but that wont be recommended for L's whose starting out............

    Group rides are great, but make sure peeps look out for each other and not leave riders behind or everyone just riding dangerously..............best to leave your ego at home for group rides, especially L&P rides.
  20. Waynoes, dont believe everything you hear, [MENTION=33072]NiteKreeper[/MENTION] is a cool guy..........first ride I did with NK, he stuck by me against some paranoid hillbilly up at Putty who was talking about the gubbament out to get him or some such garbage............