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Hey guys & gals, new rider in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by zaneblane, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Hey Guys,
    My name is J and i moved down from Brisbane last Novemeber, since then i have been busy running my business and left my beauty sitting in a garage. Lately i have had some more time and want to get out to ride more and meet some new people. I ride a BMW S1000RR and live in the tarneit area, if any is around or can recommend some good ride routes around here would be much appreciated. Looking forward to meeting you all.

  2. Howdy, welcome aboard.
  3. hey J heaps of great roads out your way, what skill level are you?
  4. Welcome J, I live not too far from you.

    I'd recommend going down along the Great Ocean Road, nothing but twisties and plenty of great spots to get photo's along the way. You do have to be careful during summer though as road does get chockers with slow driving tourists. Also the local wildlife tends to pop out from nowhere too.

    That's one I can think of, but I'm sure that there are plenty of other good routes to ride in vic.
  5. Hey Greg,
    Skill level wise i guess probably intermediate would be a good description. been on tracks, use to hit mount neebo, mount glorious alot when i was in brissy, not so much any more. i cant keep up with the semi pros among you guys tho! haha

    Hey ironrad,
    do you mean down the appolo bay area? How is the road condition down there? I wne down to bne ranges and bachus marsh and found the roads absolutely horrible.
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    can i grab J junior?? LOL

    hey greg, intersted in those rides. How is the road conditions and are there plenty of twisties?
  8. great, good and yes
    actually the best twisties in Australia, if not THE WORLD
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    hey greg very intersted now. Is that where the sunday rides go? I can only ride sundays as that is the only day i am free

  10. yeah mostly it depends on who leads read back about 20 pages and forward from there it will give you more of an idea.
    then there are the night rides, now they are fun first to try is the Tuesday learners that's great, or Thursday night mystery ride a bit more of a challenge, also there is the Tuesday night big boys ride but that one is a bit intermitent
  11. Sunday rides are generally aimed at new riders. The GOR is possible but generally when the daylight hours are longer.

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    gor is shit during summer unless its done at night

    I see your looking at sunday faster riders , that one hasn't run for around 3 years . I meant the sunday learners , even though its aimed at learners we get plenty of experienced riders as well. no one cares how fast you go as long as you don't put the learners at risk
  13. just looked at healsville and looked like corners aplenty, any issues with black ice at this time of year?
  14. maybe above but heaps of good roads up to that point
    whats your normal ride length?
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    thats cool, would love to come along to test that road. If you dont ride at 75% of your capacity you wont improve so i dont really care about how quick anyone else is going except what im doing. besides everyone is there to have fun, ive been with a few group rides so i know that common sense should be used at all times.

    well i wouldnt mind going all day, pity i only have one day a week to do it with tho, im waiting on a few more parts on my bike before i can hit the road hard. A couple more carbon fairings and an alternator case to be replace as it go damaged in a low slide with the new tyres lol
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    ok keep an eye on the sunday thread I will post after ive had a bit of a think, I don't think you will be disappointed

    are you ok with 400ks?
  17. ya the distance shouldnt be an issue but i do need to stop and get fuel probably around 200km. as the place is about 1.5 hrs away from me for the day i might need to get fueld 3 - 4 times. would that be an issue?
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    oh yeah the people that go on these rides are some of the best people I have ever met

    no issue, what do you ride? forget that I just checked , we get a couple of those
  19. haha ya ride a bmw s1000rr, running out of petrol however is an issue lol
  20. yeah we always have to stop for them lol usually fuel stops are under 200ks