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hey guys....cbx 250...your thoughts?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 87crisis, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. i have quite a trigger finger and the idea of buying a old 1988 cbx 250 for around $800 with all offers considered just out of rego with the plans of getting it registered again and presenting it to the ms's as a suprise present for her (altho self esteem issue's are present for her being on a bike she's still keen)

    so with the price in mind what are your guys thoughts on the old cbx 250 in terms of reliability and in general performance?

    considering if possible going out to test ride it today

    (even if she doesn't take to the cbx i'll ride it whilst she rides the zzr)

  2. Reliable when newer, but slow. Whether this one will be reliable willl depend on its condition.
  3. slow like not able to hit 140-150 type slow? or like struggle at 100 type slow? and yeah i wont take it if it's not in reasonable condition...i'll be willing to put some work in but there's a limit to how much before it's just not worth it.
  4. Depending on how it's been treated engine-wise, it should be ok up to about 110, but I'd be getting a full service before you rode it; who knows how old the oil and other fluids are?
  5. If you must buy an 80s Honda 250, the CBX is one of the better ones. It's made of bean cans and cheese but it handles well and goes OK for a single (a good one will just aout see a clock 150, given a jockey and a long run up). As with all Hondas of the era, if the oil hasn't been changed obsessively, the top end will be terminally worn.

    You'll struggle to find used spares as they were never common. Honda can probably supply what you need but you'll have to invest in an industrial size tub of KY to cope with their pricing tendencies and everything will be sent by the slow boat from Japan.
  6. mmm by all accounts it's been taken care of in the owners time with it (a bee's dick compared to how old the bike is) it's been sitting on a porch for about a month n abit...battery's dead so i'm going over with a spare battery i've got laying around to get her started up & if all's good with the feel of it then i'll ride it home...suprisingly it's only got 27 thousand k's on it...apart from a crack in the windshield...small tear in the seat and a small scrape from a stationary drop on the engine casing she seems to be in pretty good nick comestically

    bonus points for me talking with a friend from the same area as the seller....she knew them...got me brownie points and a welcome reception and was told i can take as much time as i want deciding they'll give me first dibs regardless of others being in contact with her........and agreed on $650 due to new tyres being needed in a few months and the flat battery

    if all goes well i'll upload pics tomorrow night :] ...lol THE WOMAN DIDN'T ACCEPT THAT THERE WAS GOING TO BE 600 ODD JUST GOING MISSING...so had to tell her....she's spent half the night trawling the net for bike gear lol
  7. Same bike as my first road bike. I paid $1300 for mine, but that was pre-LAMS in Vic, and 250s held their value more than they probably do now.

    Reliable as, started every time... all that stuff. But in all honesty I had to upgrade before I got to full licence because the thing was just so damned gutless. Seriously gutless. My old YZ80 would have blown its wheels off. But if you are looking for something sedate with the footpegs slightly behind you they are a great bike. Not much to go wrong with them.
  8. hmm,
    saw one up on the hoist in the tyre shed a little while back,
    engine looked to be the same or a variant of the xl250, so it should run forever.

    narrow tyres and the sespension looked like it would bend at the sight of a pothole. but otherwise would make a good commuter...........
    did look like it would make a great cafe racer though, specially with that front screen and tank.
  9. mmm when i hopped on it last night the cafe racer concept did come to mind...time will tell...i'm letting the woman have free game with what she wants done to it for now, i'll just offer....Suggestions.....should be interesting (especially if she shy's away from the cbx and wants the zzr) as it'll mean i have free reign on a new toy.
  10. Knowing nothing of the bike, all I wish to hilight is that it's hard learning to ride and you need to give one's self, a chance.
    Trying to learn on a POS just ends up teaching you some bad habits, and it makes those first several months far more difficult.
    But if it ticks all the boxes according to your judgement of it, then a bike is a bike...but it is quite old.
    Check the suspension. Any faults there can be costly, but at least get the fork oil replaced.
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  11. Absolutely agree with Raven here, I can't begin to describe how my confidence went through the roof jumping off the cbx and onto my CBR600F. For the first time I felt like I was actually riding a bike instead of pointing it in a random direction and hoping for the best. The skinny tyres never felt right to me. In this price range you are going to be fairly limited for choice though. If I was starting over on Ls I would be looking at something like a CB400, but you are looking at way more coin for that.
  12. lol budget? it was a cheap as shit old ass bike ...i got it for the hell of it...and the woman will be learning on both that and the zzr 250 (i'll also be learning to ride that aswell...and yes...THOSE ****ING SKINNY TYRES) ....the fork seal does need replacing on one of them apart from that the suspension is pretty remarkable for its age...but this bike if anything is more of a confidence thing for her..its less intimidating...less guts..so she can learn the ropes then go out on longer trips with me riding the cbx....and hell i'll fix it up (small things need tending to) and get rego n flog it off for 1500 a few months down the track...n then she's most of the way there for funding of a semi-decent bike...will upload pics in new bike thread later....

    and also include the story of the police incident :]
  13. What are you talking about, a pos makes you a better rider as you learn to be adaptable.. Who is the better rider a rider like Stoner who can ride around problems and get that Duc to go fast or Rossi, who cant?

    Who was world champion on that Duc?

    Anyway $800 is a bargain, ride it for a bit and sell it, ride for free.
  14. That's just dumb. A learner has no clue how to ride, no clue that the bike has shortcomings, and is incapable of learning to ride around anything, while learning to ride for the first time.

    Relating that to stoner riding around the Ducati is just fekking stupid, and for obvious reasons !

    As for being adaptable!...that is a good thing. But you first have to know how to ride well enough.

    Op, refresh the suspension, replace the tyres if they are older than 2 years, and get it serviced. That should be enough to give the rider a chance to learn, and develope basic skills.