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Hey guys and gals

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Relax, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Hello ive just joined this forum as im looking to buy a motorcycle and join the riding community.

    Got my Learners 2 weeks ago and looking at everything! Gear, bikes and Q ride! All of which i wish to have/done this month.

    Ive done some riding on my gandparents properties on my grandads 200cc Ag bike but its been a little while since ive done that, might do a few laps around this weekend!

    For my first bike im Thinking about either a Ninja 650rl or FZ6R but currently unsure and open to other options... Have thought about 250's but i was thinking if me and my mate wanted to do a bit of a trip away a 250 might not cut it...

    For gear well im still looking, want something "sporty" and "comfy" while providing safety and allowing me to possible wear clothes underneath.

    Thats all for now, still have plenty buzzing around my head. Thanks!
  2. Welcome to NR - good luck on your quest! You'll know what bike is going to be yours as soon as you see it (y)

    As for gear - they can't stop ya from trying on everything in the shop! Have fun with it and drive the sales people nuts :)
  3. Thanks and i wish i had access to a Motorcycle shop with a wide range of road gear... The shops here have mostly moto-x or off road gear...
  4. have a look at the gs500 it a nice bike
  5. Lo
    Dont do it
    When you wanna come..
    ( somethin like that )

    Ignore that i went of track
  6. haha! Thanks!
  7. I like the look of the GS500F i just dont like the fact that there isnt many aftermarket exhuast systems for it.
  8. Welcome mate!

    250's aren't too bad. My ninja more than easily keeps up on the freeway and such :) But I do love the 650rl/er6nl/FZ6R, gorgeous bikes for a learner, if only I could've afforded them :LOL:
  9. Welcome to NR. (y)
  10. Yea well i really also undecided whether to go 250 or bigger...

    Like The bigger bikes im considering look and sound alot better (IMO) and might help with getting my confidence up with larger bikes but the down side is they cost more to buy and insure and it seems like alot of people think they are restricted just as it gets "fun" (although i shoult worry about that just yet.

    A 250 is cheaper, lighter but i dont think they look as good nor sound as good and im worried that ill "out grow it" in 6 months or so...

    But as it stands it looks like the FZ6R is going to be bike i buy unless something changes my mind in the next few days, honestly the restriction wont bother me so much as im sure it will still be alot better then my grandparents ag bike or a 50cc scooter ive had a little fun on. and no i do not "plan" to remove the restriction.

    Oh btw sorry if i come across as arrogant or indecisive about things, I tend to have a open mind but some times it also gets in my road..
  11. You're definitely right, the big 650's do look a lot better! try them all out and see which one you feel most comfortable on (y)
  12. Welcome to NR!

    Take your time in choosing your ride.
  13. I wish there was a dealership in town that had road bikes i could try... its atleast a 4hr trip for the nearest one and if i want to buy 2nd hand cant find anything any closer than Brisbane which is 6 hours away...

    oh well, thanks again everyone for your welcomes!
  14. there is millions of slip-ons and there a few full systems but for your lams your not meant to chance anything performance related
  15. Yea... oh well if a cop wants to pin me for a slip on or even a full exhaust if i wish to spend that sort of money so be it. Its not like there is alot of gains to be made when putting a slip on or full exhaust on a restricted bike...

    I dont want it for the "performance" more so for the sound.

    Also ive only found a handful of slip on for the GS500F that require cutting, keep in mind i havent looked as hard as other bikes ive looked at.

    Also the purposed "Ninja 300" has got me thinking as well!
  16. there is at least 4-5 on ebay that i know of and all slip-ons you have to cut the original exhaust
  17. Really? For all slip ons you have to cut? Hmmm oh well learn something everyday.

    Can't find any FR6Z's being sold by dealers 2nd hand... And well if I want new (which I'm iffy about) ill need to take out a small loan which is rather not do if I can help it..

    Similar boat with a Ninja 650rl although is cheaper if I go new, anyone know anymore about the ninja 300? I sent in a inquirery.
  18. Sit on every bike, then ask every question you can think of and As sydmadasss says try on all the gear for comfort and for fit. driving the sales people crazy is just a fringe benefit :D
  19. Looks like I need to make a trip to Toowoomba and hope they have something for me to try both bike and gear wise.

    The Ninja 300 would be a hands down yes if it was out now...
  20. Steady on thats not true.

    Hang on cud be for that bike soz