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Hey guess what...I got my P's!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CharmedSon2, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Ok ok, I did my P's test this morning...

    In the middle of the test i had to ride around the block to come back to the starting point... no tester in sight... and a cop pulls me over... as i hand him my licence i say to him "You got me at a bad time im in the middle of my P's test"
    He gives me a weird look then realises I'm serious hands back my licence without even looking at it and says "Get going, i dont wanna hold you up" then he got in his car and took off...

    And "apparently" Im the 1st person in 5yrs to get 100% on the riding test at Albury.

    so anyway...YAY ME :dance: :biker:
  2. The whole "getting pulled over by a police officer" doesn't at all detract from the 100% on the test thing??? :p

    Congrats, dude :arrow: Happy riding
  3. Way to go Charmed, that is a fantastic effort.

    Be very proud :grin:
  4. Hahah.. what a experience! Congratulations :wink:

    Now turn that L's plate around and start riding on those P's!

    Well done on the 100%!
  6. Thanks everyone, and with the L plate... i had a P plate with me so i changed it straight after and chucked the L plate hehehe
  7. hah congratulations :)
  8. congratulations![/img]
  9. congrats mate!!
  10. congrats mate!!! welcome to the fun way to travel... and nice choice on avitar... gir
  11. Congrats, a much better outcome than last time. And I'll bet the "oldies" are stoked!

    (hehehe sorry about the oldies remark...)
  12. lol thanks dave... mum says your dead by the way... LOL :LOL:
  13. good stuff mate, see you on the road
  14. congrats.... :beer:
  15. Congrats.

    And how do you get 100%? Obviously NSW is different from the Vic points system, but I would think that any instructor in the world wouldn't give 100%?
  16. Awwwwww isn't that lovely, makes me feel all warm and gooie inside. NOT. I think I want to barf. But congrats on getting your Ps anyway.
  17. Well done & a great story to tell years to come also :LOL:
    :biker: Congratulations!
  18. congrats on passing reminds me of my cage p's test where got pulled over for a rbt, the instructor was shocked he made her blow haha
  19. Congratulations :grin: Nice work.

    BTW, why did you get pulled over anyway?
  20. Thanks everyone... i got pulled over just for a rbt...
    my mum says some that are criticising (is that spelt right??) just jealous... i dont care if you are or not really lol...