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Hey from Western Syd!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MangoROCKN, May 1, 2013.

  1. Hey guys and girls! Long time Lurker, Only made an account and decided to use it not long ago.

    From Penrith, been riding for roughly 2 and 1/2 years, On my Green P's. I ride a GS500F shes my baby <3 But i cant wait to get an unrestricted bike =D:D

    Keen to have a look into getting into those Monthly Rides i seen posted like Putty Rd and Goonies to name a couple. Cant say ive ever been in a big group ride though. Hopefully soon! :)
  2. happy to have you along mate - i can often be found hammering through glenmore park for fun (y)
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  3. Ahh awesome! What do you ride?
    Always good hitting those windy roads until you catch up to the car in front... hahaha!
  4. Hi MangoROCKN,

    Good to have you on board. A very good choice in bike. The GS500s are a bloody top machine and, although something like a GSXR-R750/1000 are fun, the GS500s do everything nearly as well. There are not many people that can ride the rockets anything near their potential. In fact riding these without the correct experience and training can lead to them being thrown down the road.

    Think carefully before upgrading your existing ride.
  5. i ride a white n blue ol' zxr 250A ....and i completely agree - that's why i do it at 3am most of the time :) no traffic to contend with....just music from the earphones and the sound of the engine bashing my ear-drums.....know every corner on glenmore parkway vividly
  6. I sometimes meet up with a few mates around Penrith area for coffee :)......your more than welcome to join :)
  7. And you know, ive been told almost the exact same thing off my Dad. I do want to become a better rider, Need to take some advanced riding courses. But yeah ill definitely think it through about buying a super sports bike. Cheers for the heads up.

    Ahh cant say ive ever gone at 3am, but yeah good times on them roads. Most of my friends complain about the twists, Needless to say they all drive cars haha >.<

    Yeah definitely sort something out! That would be sick, Need to make a few friends who also ride bikes. I dont know anyone haha.
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  8. Welcome to NR @MangoROCKN! We'll see you in the next group rides or Western Syd coffee meet.
  9. welcome MangoROCKN!