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Hey from the ACT

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Shoot To Thrill, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys,

    20 year old chick here from the ACT (south side) looking to meet up for group rides or whatever on the weekends.

    I love just hanging out or playing pool too (even though I suck!), so if any other riders in the ACT are up for it, just drop me a line. :)

  2. Welcome to NR Shoot!
  3. Welcome.

    There are plenty of chicks online you'll find. You'll find young riders, old riders, blonde and brunette riders. You'll find sports bike riders (like yourself), cruiser riders and tourer riders. Plenty of people to talk bike with and catch up with for rides.

    Nice bike.
  4. I love the ACT - its my pace - (i plan to move there asap) but work/life commitments (mehh)

    Welcome to NR.
  5. i was going to say hi, until i noticed the southside bit.

    KBC - Founding Member.
    northside for life muferthucker!

    welcome anyway :cool:
  6. Welcome!

    I am also a newbie from Canberra (and to Canberra). Hit me up if you wanna do some rides:D
  7. Thanks for the welcome messages guys :)

    South side is waaay cooler, and you know it ;)

  8. Pffffffffft

    Belco is where it's at!


  9. there is certainly an element of truth to this. it is close to cooma and the snowies, and also, the hot people come brom belco....hey mel ;)
  10. Shit yeah, Belcompton represent.

  11. Well... Either way... The ACT as a whole is 10x more awesome than VIC ;)
  12. :LOL: I think all Canberrians can set aside their north/south differences to unite in that one!
  13. nah not sure they can (with the exceptions of the police enforcement) granya vic
    towonga gap vic 3well thats about the extent of my rding in vic

    act has the cotter whoopie :? :LOL:
  14. Well I was talking about the people... the roads in victoria shit all over our roads here, just gotta watch for them nasty nasty boys in blue :p

    'sides, I've gotta stick up for my home town!

    Maybe we should start QBN bashing instead...
  15. bash away, it's a shite hole :LOL: