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Hey from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by N02Oct, May 23, 2012.

  1. Hello all, mid-life crisis newbie rider. Wife and kids not all that impressed ! :) Just done the HART course and got my L's currently looking for a bike. Would love the VTR250 but may have to settle for the CB125E...

  2. please lord...don't buy the bloody gutless things...i'm appauled at the amount of these i see turned out at local dealers simply because they're piss cheap (by all means im no expert but cannot comprehend being stuck on any 125 as a learner unless i was a tiny fella)

    buy a second hand 250

    by all means i'm a youngin with 10 months under my belt...feel free to disregard the above dribble

    regardless, Welcome mate :]
  3. Welcome N02Oct, 87crises has a point. If you are a compact size the 125 may be Ok but they are a small engine so a second hand 250 or above is probably a better bet. You have a much wider range of bikes for a learner now days with the LAMS scheme.

    NSW: Approved motorcycles for novice riders
  4. Hey fellas, thanks for the input. Im gonna wait a little longer and save for the VTR250.
  5. Welcome to the forums N02Oct
    and welcome to the mid life crisis club
    where in Sydney
  6. Welcome to NR. I also agree the VTR 250 will get you through the test & 12 months of enjoyment once you get your Ps.
  7. Northern beaches mate.
  8. haha, I did my my midlife crisis learning back in january. Welcome aboard!
  9. Welcome mate, enjoy :) I'm a complete noob too, starting out with an XVS 650. My noob advice is, try sitting on a load of different bikes and see which you feel comfy on. You'll find your style and fit quick enough. I just couldn't go past the cruisers but then I do like chrome :) All the best!
  10. welcome to nr and congrats on your L's... enjoy the ride.
  11. Welcome to NR :)