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Hey from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Pizza, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Hi all, been lurking on this forum for a while, so i thought i might join!

    I'm from Northern Beaches near Sydney, and going for my Moto Ls at the start of December at HART. Should be good.

    I'm 20, always been keen to ride, but never the courage until recently to tell my olds i want to do it.

    Hope to get to know some of you and get in on some rides!

  2. Welcome to Netrider, Pete :).

    See you on the road, eh??
  3. HART's a great training facility. Just remember to keep your eyes to the horizon and never to the ground. Also, do not go against the instructors =P That's an insta-go home.

    Relax and enjoy the training. Take your time to shop around for your bike too.

    Welcome to NR :)
  4. Cheers for the advice, should be a couple good days at HART. Been looking at all the bikes for sale on the web and whats around. I'm gonna try to be patient and find something thats right for me, probably a zzr/zxr/across?, but gotta sit on a few first to see how they fit.
    I'm 6'5 and about 95kgs
  5. welcome bud, suss out the new yamaha 125's, r6 lookalike
  6. Thats a good looking bike, just looked it up on bikesales showroom. Looks kinda small though?

    Its a shame i'm away for the moto show in Sydney when its on. Would be good to see what bikes there are out there and compare a few.
  7. yes they are small... get a 250...

  8. well u didnt mention how tall u are so i threw 1 out there...

    Dry Weight 123
    Fuel Tank Capacity 13.8
    Length (mm) 2015
    Width (mm) 660
    Wheel Base (mm) 1353
    Height (mm) 970

    Dry Weight 166
    Fuel Tank Capacity 17.3
    Length (mm) 2040
    Width (mm) 705
    Wheel Base (mm) 1380
    Height (mm) 1100
  9. I did mention my height in a latter post ;), I'm 6'5 (196cm?) and 95kgs, So the bikes i mentioned seem to look big enough?
    I've searched on the net and these bikes seem to pop up as well as the hyo gt250r.

    Hopefully i'll get to sit on a few different bikes and find a suitable bike in my budget!
    I like fairings, and i dont want to look like a giant on a pee wee 50!

    Thanks for your replies! and suggestions.
  10. Hi Pizza
    I am new rider. I'm a really short girl, 150cm and 54kg. I started with a CBR125 and its still too tall for me, i've now got an 09 Ninja250R and had it lowered. The ninja's are pretty good bikes to learn on, they're easy to handle as well. I've got mine brand new for about 8 grand. I think you can probably pick an 07 or 08 about 6 grand.

  11. Yeah, i've thought about the ninja, but read that they seem a bit small for tall people, having knees stick out a bit. Dunno though, going to the show tomorrow morning before i head up north for a week, gonna be a looong drive in the heat!
    I've got about 4 grand to grab a 2nd hand bike, and 1.5k for gear, although i could stretch that out by borrowing from my brother - but depends on what i find. I suppose xmas is coming up, could get my olds to sport me some cash/gear - although they arent thrilled on me riding, which could boost my chances of getting good gear from them? lol
    Might see some of you guys at the show!
  12. LOL! ya... i now what you're saying about your folks... i got the same reaction from my mum as well... and worst from both my brothers... teasing how short i am etc... its funny - have a probelm when looking for bikes when too short or too tall! anyways good luck in looking for a bike. Make sure its not too old. A couple of my girlfriends bought some really shitty bikes... i was shocked when i saw it.... and when i tried riding their bikes... i thought that i was gonna die! Its shocking! you're probably better off bringing someone who is an experience rider with you, so they know what to look for when helping you to shop for a bike.
  13. I got my Ls today! So stoked, was a great 2 days at Hart.

    Now i just gotta get a bike. I'm going looking 2moro and this weekend to a few shops, a might look at some private sales. My brother has a mate whos been riding for years who might come look with me.

    See you all out on the roads (after i get some hrs up on backstreets round here)
  14. If you're riding the bike home, get whoever's in the car (well...I'm guessing you went to the dealer/seller's place by car...otherwise if you went by public transport it's a bit hard to do this bit) to drive behind you so they'll block up the lane. This will let you go at whatever pace you want without getting run over when you make a mistake.

    Otherwise, get your brother's mate to ride it back.

    Personally, I'd recommend practicing for a few hours on the small streets near the seller until you're ready then ride it home. Your cheeks will hurt from grinning ear to ear.

    Either way, let us know what you got and good luck with your bike hunt!
  15. Im 6'4 with long legs and i can just manage to fit onto an across but have been on 600km rides on it no problems. Not the fastest bike around but the boot is bloody handy!!
  16. I've been looking at Across's on the net, but can't find any that have good ks, good condition etc...and close by here. Theres a couple that sound too good to be true, so they probably are...

    I'm going to look at a kwaka gpx on the weekend hopefully, but that might be a bit small. I've heard the zzr might be big enough as well?

    @daiakuji - I'd probably get him to ride it back, or ride it around for a while before heading home, hopefully i find a bike close by, and and don't have to go through the city to get it!

    Hopefully i get to go riding soon! a 2 day course and i'm already addicted!
  17. Welcome matey!

  18. I picked up my new bike today, a 2002 Gpx 250 (blue with a bit of yellow on it), So stoked, the bikes in pretty good cond. Fairings are pretty perfect (needs a bit of a clean) and the rest is mostly good. Prob needs new chain and sprockets, but might be able to save it, and need to bend a peddle (my mechanic mate is going to fix this) I'll post some pics and stuff tomorrow, after i wash her. I only rode her home, as i had a busy avo, and will go riding tomorrow after i buy some insurance.
  19. Congrats man, hope you had fun riding her home because that's only just the start