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Hey From Nth QLD

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by DenholmReynholm, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm in my mid 20s, and been riding since 2010.

    I've been lurking NR since before I got my L's a few years ago, and figured it was long past time I actually signed up. Fortunately I did enough lurking to know the first thing I should do after joining is come here and say hey.

    So.. "Hey!" :)

  2. Hey! :D

    Welcome. Whereabouts up north are you?
  3. Hey.... (y) for the first post and hope you become a non-lurker from now on.
  4. Great to see more Queenslanders on Netrider. :) Welcome!
  5. Thanks for the welcomes :D

    Tildette, I'm up near T-Ville. Haven't yet found many good riding roads up this way, but half the fun is in the looking for them :)
  6. Hey there, welcome to the forum! (Posting that is :p)
  7. tooonsville huh?? been a while since i was up there, can't really remember any decent roads north of proserpine
  8. welcome to NR :)
  9. Welcome mate.
  10. Very belated welcome,