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Hey from Melbs! - Newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MonoBrow, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Hi all!

    Thought I would say a quick hello and introduce myself. I am ashamedly a long time lurker and have found this forum invaluable so thought I would finally get myself into gear, join up and start contributing!

    I'm from Melbourne and have been riding for a couple of years. Currently have an 07 Kawasaki ZZR250 which has been great to learn on. Also had a scooter for a bit at the same time in the form of a Bug Expresso, but it no longer sits in my garage (the ex's instead - think I got the better deal! :) ).

    I just got off my restrictions last week, and have been researching for some time re what I want to upgrade to. So from a list of about 20 it was down to three...Sports Tourer arena...BMW F800ST, Honda VFR800, and Triumph Sprint ST. I will add what I thought of these in the reviews section...needless to say I am about to part with some cash and my ZZR in exchange for a Trumpy...!
  2. Was hoping you'd go for the Trumpy! :grin:

    It's a bike I'm considering so, interested in your views :cool:

    Oh, and welcome 'officially' out of the lurkers dark and into the bright light of NR :p
  3. Heya MB,

    Welcome to NR :grin:

    Grats on the Trumpy :biker:
  4. sweet!
    welcome to the madhouse :grin:
  5. Hey welcome to netrider! Def get the Triumph......Im hoping to get the Daytona 675.
  6. Welcome to NR! Cant wait to see a photo of the bike you get!