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Hey from Melbourne!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by matt man, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone, i've recently been bitten by the two wheel bug and now cannot realize why i didnt get a bike sooner. I've always been a reader rather than a poster but i figured i might as well introduce myself. A few months back i helped a mate of mine pick up his new 2012 ninja zx10r and I can pretty much say that is when i decided to get a bike. Anyway, fast forward a few months and after a bit of research I got my Ls at Armstrongs in Thomastown, who were great by the way, and purchesed a brand new 2013 ninja 300SE.

    The bike has been great and I am loving every km. It is now due for its first service and I cannot wait to strech it's legs a bit (within the road rules of course) now that i'm almost done with the run in process. I'm always looking for some good riding roads to enjoy and was wondering if anyone knows of any good roads in the North Melbourne region.

    Thanks and see you out on the road.

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  2. welcome. seeing as you're a learner why not ride with the learners on sunday? ride every week, sat morn prac sessions as well if you wanna meet up with other riders, check the threads out.
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    Hi and Welcome. Lots of great roads in Northern Melbourne. As Goddie say the Sunday Learner friendly rides are a good one to do as a group. Otherwise if you want to get out on your own then I suggest the route below as a nice run. Not too challenging, lots of visibility etc.

    Map Link

    Also groups of varying numbers :) meet at Stuzzi's in Northcote every Thursday night for coffee a meal and to talk. All are welcome.

    See THIS thread
  4. Just reading up on the Sunday rides. I'd definitly be up for that after I get use to riding longer distances. I start to feel a bit numb in certain places after about 80km.

    cjvfr, that looks like a good route. I have explored as far as Flowerdale, infact I rode up there this morning for the first time. Very nice road connecting Kinglake to Flowerdale. I might have to check out Broadford next weekend.
  5. Welcome to NR.
  6. Ooh that does look like a good ride! I drove it the weekend before I got my bike and commented far too many times on how good it'd be solo...

    Welcome to NR - I've been riding for less than a month, finally got my arse down to the Saturday session this weekend, and was really impressed with the turnout, the people and the idea that drives it. Well worth the effort.

    See you out there :)
  7. A good Sunday ride leader stops every hour or so to give you a chance to get some feeling back....
  8. Unfortunately the Saturday practice session is off the table because I work every Saturday. It's a shame because it sounds very useful, however, on my next free Sunday i'll definitly look into these Sunday learner rides. Will be a good chance to meet some other riders.
  9. remember the standard rules, Rule #1, dont frkn crash!! Ride your own ride!! The TEC will ALWAYS be the last rider, enjoy yourself, and always remember Rule#1!! Sunday rides are great, good to talk to others, riders at all skill levels turn up, so enjoy, ask questions and learn. oh yeah, and smile :)
  10. Hi and we come to NR :)

    Coz you have a ninja 300 a lot of 250 parts will fit that bike :D
  11. speak for your self
  12. Ohh Shit bloody auto correct phone