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Hey from Inner West Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Husslez, Apr 11, 2016.


Cbr250rr or Cb400 as first learner bike.

Poll closed Apr 14, 2016.
  1. Cbr250rr

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  2. Cb400

  1. Just want to say hi and i just got my ls about 2 weeks ago.

    And im in the market for a cbr250rr or a cbr400 as my first ever bike any help would be appreciated. And if anyone can help me out you can private message me as i have no idea what im looking at.

    P.S i don't want to buy a dud.!!
  2. welcome aboard :) congrats on the Ls.
    If you're buying new hard to get a dud, if you go for secondhand just get it inspected.
  3. Hey man. Yeah both will be used. Only thing i like about the cb400 you can see the service history. But the 250rr as you know an older bike and most are imports so no history.

    I hope to be riding by this i have set my mind on 1 of those bad boys :p
  4. if there used id be getting it checked over by a mechanic.
    Don't know your location but here in Melb I used Madbiker to have my bike inspected.
    They travel to bike you get a call on the day and Full report good points bad points etc well worth it
  5. Gday... If your keen on a Honda I4 this came out in a lams version in the last 6 months (cbr650f)
    similar price to a newer cb400 and by the time your done paying stamp duty... Possibly replace consumables (ie tyres etc) and a service on a used bike it might not stack up too bad
  6. Hey im on Sydney to be exact around Parramatta area.
    I don't know of any people that are well into bikes like i got mayes that ride but they have no clue also.

    And i doubt a person would actually come with me a full day just check out bikes, unless someone wants to and i can pay them ☺
  7. Welcome to the forum
  8. Welcome mate :cool:

    The 400 would give you longevity past your L and P stage and be good for commuting. That 650F is also a nice bike :)
  9. As a retired person, I frequently wander about P'matta looking at bikes anyway, so you wouldn't have to pay me, but, I only do it on weekdays.

    As for the CBR250RR, there are probably some good ones out there, and BTW I ain't no technical expert to pick a good one.... I can't even fit on one of them to test ride it.:confused:

    Give us a hint or two....are you a seven foot tall, 100 kilo, rugby player? If so, forget the BabyBlade.

    The CB400 would seem to be a good choice, I haven't ridden one myself, only thing (to me) is that they seem to be quite heavy for what they are......<shrug>

    Intended use?
  10. Hey guys, the 650f i think would be out my price range atm and as a firsr bike too much.

    Im about 5.10 and lightweight at 64kgs.

    Use would be for getting around town and just the enjoyment factor i guess. Who knows might also commute to work from time to time.
  11. How about a VTR250, if you can find a good one?

    Of the original choice, I'd go for a CB400.
  12. Hey i just looked at the vtr250 they look pretty neat.

    What is the difference between the EFI models and Carbi, which would better suit.

    Im actually going to have a look at one sometime in the evening seen one on gumtree 2010 model efi 9k kms for about 5k.

    What you reckon?
  13. Sounds interesting.

    The carbie ones are older models.

    They are good sensible, do most everything, bikes.

    Sorry I can't offer to come with you, but I've had a few beers already.

    Good luck with it.
  14. No your alright. Up in Castle Hill hoping they reply back to my texts.

    It's just at my budget and for a first bike i think the vtr250 will be good i can see by my poll i have put up no1 has said to with the RR. Which is a bit weird.

    I've been reading a lot about them they are basically the same just one is easier to start in the morning as a carby needs time to warm up i could be wrong though.

    Few beers and it's just 3.30pm hahah good one m8
  15. Hey guys..

    Looks like im the new owner of a 2010 Vtr250.

    Im happy with my decision after reading a lot of reviews and advice from people. I will post picz soon and i will take her out tomorrow.

    Im going to need a service as it has only done 5903 ks. Any suggestions and tips would be greatly appreciated
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