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Hey from Darwin

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Greeny, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Hey from darwin guys and girls. The name's Greeny (not just screen name, I do actually get called that). Heard about the site and figured I'd check it out. Got my first dirt bike at the ripe age of 12, but hadnt ridden for close to 14yrs by the time i got my first road bike, being an 09 ninja 250 (in 2009) Upgraded to a pearl white GSXR600 in 2010. Still my favourite bike. While in Canberra for a few months last year I failed to take a left hander and in the process almost sent it and me off a cliff. I walked away, however my bike was completely fcuked (I managed to accordion the frame, pushing the fuel tank about an inch into the seat area) three weeks later I had my current ride which is a 2012 zx6r in the obligatory Kwaka green, which wasn't enough so I added monster edition green seats to it. Then, to get my confidence and abilities back I bought a VFR supermono track bike, which lasted about 5 laps of hidden valley before I burnt out the valves. Then I bought and restored a 1988 cbr250r for the missus . She still doesn't believe that line, and still hasn't ridden it. Anyways, that's me. Ill talk to anyone that's friendly and funny, I dont mind havin the piss taken or taking it, however I don't tolerate idiots or trolls very well. Photos of my rides....

  2. if you had boobs this would be a very different conversation

    sadly ...you do not, so welcome....nice collection.
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  3. I can find Internet boobs for you
  4. Had me worried you were going to ask the "hot" question there for a moment. ...
  5. With multiple bikes ones sexual appeal does not matter...But my standards aren't exactly up there in the first place
  6. I do the occasional bit of work in Darwin, there are some nice bike getting around. I have wondered where all the good riding roads are, seems that everything within an hours drive is nothing but straight roads covered in trucks and 4x4s :)
  7. You pretty much nailed it. We have to go to litchfield park. Which is about 100km out from Palmerston, then you get a 150km round trip of twisties, mixed with a generous portion of grey nomads, tourists and wildlife ranging from lizards and snakes through to cattle and buffalo. There are however sections of road more than capable of handling 200km/h speeds (allegedly) with the cornering becoming interesting anywhere from 80km/h through to 160ish and outright insane but do-able over this. Next problem you strike is the local law enforcement. They all know about the weekend jaunts and the station is on the only road into and out of the park.

    Next issue is the curse. Seems like anytime we ride it with a group larger than about 5 people someone crashes, a bike breaks or a radiator gets holed (rad guards are mandatory for this road some people just take longer to learn than others.) Makes for a long day when it's a 3hr wait for someone to ride home, get a trailer and come back. Did I mention that most of the park is out of mobile range?? Nearest ambulance is an hour away, although there is a nurse stationed at Batchelor at the entry to the park, however for emergencies they generally get a chopper. Imagine that medical bill

    I this seem like an exaggeration feel free to ask Loubre and Brick. They both ride this road as well
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  8. That sounds exciting actually, nothing like a bit of healthy fear to get the heart going :)

    Back in my youth, riding was pretty raw like that and it was great. You left the house to go for a ride not knowing what would happen, but you knew it would be exhilarating. Now everything is so beige, the roads are over policed, everyone thinks that you kill 10 kittens for every km you go over the limit. The only danger out there is having some p-plater side swipe you while she is chatting on her phone.

    You may have to drive for an hour to get there, but you are living the dream :p
  9. Hi Greeny,

    Been down that way a few times as well, and I have been caught out when it was just two of us. In addition to all the stuff you mentioned, my friend crashed on a public holiday! I ended up getting home after 9PM. Missus = not too happy :D

    I love the MC19 you got for your missus, looks awesome. I crashed one properly at the Tiger Brennan/Amy Johnson intersection, and I always regretted that, but it gave me a soft spot for those bikes :)