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Hey fellow bikers :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Samantha Brown, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. Hi guys!

    Brand new member here, just signed up a few mins ago so I thought I'd say hi :)

    I'm currently living in Melton, been riding for about 9 & a half months now, got my P's the day my L's hit 3 months so I'm halfway through my P's now yay!! Absolutely loving riding, I've ridden motorcross for years but road riding is a whole new experience for me and luckily I have some amazing people in my life who also ride and introduced me to it via the back of their bikes to and from Geelong a few times and I was hooked. I've now done 26,000km on my green machine and have loved every second of it :)

    Always up for a road trip and love meeting new people :)

    I ride a green, 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300, and recently changed exhausts to a Mussari, if you see me around make sure you say hi!
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  2. Welcome Samantha, glad you have the new pipe - you're probably wondering why you took so long to change them lol....certainly adds to the litle Ninj's appeal!
  3. Hey :) hahaha yeah definitely wishing I'd changed it earlier!!! Best Christmas present ever haha I can actually hear it when I ride with my friend who rides a 1994 Kawasaki 750cc haha
  4. Welcome to NR Samantha BrownSamantha Brown , hope to see you out on a group ride in the not too distant future!
  5. Welcome Samantha, catch up with some of the weekend group rides when you get a chance.
  6. Thanks so much for the warm welcome guys :) I'll definitely be out on one of your group rides soon!
  7. Welcome to NR...
  8. Welcome to NR - Vic certainly seems to have a good number of different organised events and rides to check out!
  9. Welcome and good on you for clocking up some k's!
  10. DonJuanDonJuan - most of the rides are north / easterly though do to the abundance of twisties and wild life , us folks out here in the west get flat industrial type roads (which i don't mind at all) so we need to stretch past Geelong and into the GOR and up towards Mt Macedon and such
  11. JT - I'm out west near Caroline Springs... Agree with the lack of twisties (had that issue in my car - had to keep heading to Healesville, etc to overtake motorcyclists!)

    I was just pointing out that Vic seems to have more events, group rides, etc. than the other states. Well organised by NR members...
  12. Tarneit for me! Westsiiiiiiiiiiide :)
  13. Another westie (y) Hi and welcome Samantha, keep an eye out for the group rides, a fair few on here lately and if you're feeling adventurous, jump onto one of the overnight trips. 26,000kays already, where have you been?
  14. Westside is the bestside as the saying goes! ;)

    Love the Mt Macedon ride, although I'd have to say queenscliff/torquay/port arlington/st leonards has been my favorite so far especially with some surfing thrown in!

    I do a 90km round trip a day for work and I work anywhere between 2 and 6 days a week so it adds up pretty quick and I love a good long roadie so I've done quite a few haha
  15. I'm up and over the Westgate most days, 65km round trip to and from work.

    I don't surf, unless you count the internet as surfing :sneaky:, I water & snow ski when the opportunity presents itself..
  16. You have a surf rack on the Ninja? :ROFLMAO:
  17. hey, I do 70km return up and over the westgate myself each and every day.

    I used to bodyboard (it is still surfing), even managed to do some stupid stuff at pipeline, shipsterns and a few other places that landed me in hospital... ah, the good old days...