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hey everyone

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by zilly, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Hey all,
    I'm a noob to bike riding. I got my L's in June, but I am getting my first bike on the 20th. Getting a CBR125R (a red one). I chose this bike cause I think it fits my stature nicely (I'm 5'5), and is not a grey import like the cbr250rr. and its a sporty looking bike.

    I think it will do me nicely on my L's

    Thought I would sign and say hi to everyone =D


    PS 11 days til my bike =D

  2. sweeeeeet :grin:

    a nice shiney new baby babyblade! :cool:

    welcome to the forums too.

    where bouts in melb are you?

    come to the coffee nights, meet people, n enjoy 2 wheels :grin:
  3. Hawthorn
    I will have to check the coffee places out =D
  4. WTF happened to your arse & face? :shock:

    Waggerz got drunk & gave you a pasting?

    Welcome to NR anyways. [​IMG]
  5. G'day everyone,......

    Welcome zilly,....

    Nice bike you have chosen,.....
    You would'nt have been rideing down Alexandra prd past the carlton cemitary,...
    ....then through Royal park,and turning left onto city link inbound heading towards the city on sunday 7th would you,because
    I saw a red/black cbr125r,new that afternoon with a rider of the build you described.
    (would'nt that be a co-incidence if it were so?)
    She had an L plate on and was being crowded by a guy in a jackaroo (gray).

    Anyway,...welcome and enjoy the fun,.and yes,.do come to the coffee nights and other fun activitys run by some realy great people here.

    Dr Who?
  6. Nah he is innocent of causing me pain but I tend to attract injuries. The huge bruise on the leg was from rollerblading, the first black eye was from my push bike, and the second black eye was from a hockey ball.

    It is probably why people told me I shouldn't get a bike

    Nah that wasn't me, I haven't got my bike yet. But that would be some of the places I would be riding around =D
  7. Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of Netriders.

    You are sure to me some great people here!

    Enjoy the new bike!

  8. Welcome to the forums Liz, waiting to pick up the new bike is hard, hang in there! Enjoy the new baby blade, they look pretty cool. :cool:
  9. Welcome Liz! 10 days to go :grin:

    A premmy-blade? :LOL:
  10. Weeeee I can't wait =D

    when i go to get my bike I just rock up in all my gear pay the rest that i owe and thats it? ride it home and its all good
  11. Bloody hell. [​IMG]


    Youre heading in the right direction now.. because what you need is:

    [​IMG] Less PLAYING of sports & more RIDING of sports. [​IMG]

    If all goes well for you, I may catch up with ya one day for some riding [​IMG]
  12. Welcome the madhouse.. :grin: