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Hey everyone,

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Nasinski, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. hi everyone,

    My names michael, im from adelaide and am becoming a motorbike finatic quite quickly...! after checkin out the forums here, i found a classifieds ad that i think will be my first bike... only a small 250 but thats what ill be riding til my license matures in october.. after that im wanting to get an 01 gsxr600 (yellow and black) if you know anyone selling let me know, my cuz wants one as well

    so, ill keep it short n sharp, thats me, cant wait to get out on the road.. should see some of you guys on the coffee nights and cruises!

    Have a good one

  2. Welcome buddy. Lets see how many other bikes make it to your "I want it" list by the time you come to buy. I started with 2 and finished with over a dozen. :)

  3. Welcome to Netrider and the passion......

    {no-one's looking for a cure :).}
  4. Hey welcome to the Adelaide riding club. Hope you get out there and have fun soon ^_^
  5. theres a yellow and black 01 gixxer 600 in canberra for 9,500 that the guys at the shop reckons the owner would probably take 8,500 but it probably abit far away and abit early :LOL: but welcome
  6. Welcom Micheal, you really are becoming an NR addict. 2 days and already clocked up 49 posts!!
  7. Hi Michael, hope you're having fun out there on the roads.

    Come along to a coffee night in Adelaide or some other ride. I'm sure they'll have something on.

    You've come across a great group here... all quite normal people :p