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Hey everyone!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Luggo, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Hello I'm very new to this all but am loving your site!
    I'm in the process of looking for my first (real) road bike (See topic in general discussion forum). It's all a little bit exciting & scary at the same time, as I'm in a smallish country town and I don't know any other girl riders out there!

  2. Where you from?

    Welcome, too.
  3. Welcome to the boards hopefully you find it useful, in your quest for your new road bike.

    As for female riders, there are quite a few on here, just watch out they are SCARY :eek:hno: 8-[
  4. LOL you have no idea .... Welcome Luggo & dont listen to him, he full of hot air :p

    Fill in your profile, give us the basics, where your from etc.
    You will soon find fellow female riders in your area.
  5. Pfft, stewy, dont know what your talking about :angel:

    welcome Luggo!!
  6. Welcome to the forums Luggo, don't listen to Stewy ;)
    Where you from?
  7. Welcome - hope you enjoy
  8. Welcome and enjoy the site. Dont forget to fill in locatoin details in your profile so people know where you are.. :grin:
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome

    Hello, thanks for the warm welcome!
    I'm from Hay, in NSW, but I'm living in Wagga Wagga for university (for the next 4 years anyway)
  10. welcome...
  11. From one newbie to another welcome...
    If you're on any other internet forums you might find like I did that the immature, bs posts don't exist here. I've found them to be knowledgeable and likeable bunch...
  12. Welcome Luggo

    Ah Wagga Wagga, the town so nice they named it twice....

    Spent a freezing few months there in mid '72 doing guess-what, couldn't wait to get out of the place

    I guess your biggest difficulty will be finding some corners :LOL:
  13. You are a newbie, aren't you!

    :p :LOL:

    (Welcome to both Instigator and Luggo!) :)
  14. awww thanks Gromit
    I've been on here for a couple of weeks now and am online most nights of the week (gotta love night shift plus access to netrider at work) just don't post a whole lot.
    I'm in the process of rebuilding my ZXR600 now so I should be on the road in the next week or two attending some Sydney meets.
    There's a welcome thread from me somewhere back down the line, sorry for the hijack Luggo :grin:
  15. Haha! Yeah it's not the best but we still bought a bloody house here... I don't know, something about a "good" investment???? :p
    Actually I'm lucky I'm not still in Hay, otherwise I'd have trouble finding hills as well as corners!!! At least it's safe cause there are no trees to hit, just big trucks...

    Anyway, thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I'm rather enjoying the awesome advice that everyone has to offer!
  16. Welcome, surely there are a few riders in Wagga Wagga.

    Also just wondering, did Wagga Wagga ever have a HUGE slippery dip? I'm talking like a 60m long one down a hill. I thought I remember something like that from when I used to visit as a kid. Then again I could be completely mistaken.
  17. It used to have a massive curling water slide, it would have been about that long, but they tore it down to make way for some new fandangled swim centre thats heaps crappier
  18. Yeah so often councils try to improve things, still they only manage to make it worse. :(
  19. Instigator, Luggo and Toyihama.

    Welcome to all of you.
  20. Hi Luggo,

    I only started riding 3mths ago and already managed to crash, riding at only 30kms, over wet tram track, u won't have this prob in the country, but if u do go for a ride into the city, really, be very careful in the rain!! Metal and rubber not the best combo,

    Another new girl rider