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Hey everyone

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cruisin4abruisin, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. Hay everybody, new member here, from Northern Victoria, grew up on a farm riding bikes, looking forward to gaining my actual license soon and getting on the road for the first time. Look forward to chgecking out your machines, what you do with them and chatting with you all! Cheers-Rick.
    NB-The reason my profile is 'crusin4abrusin' is I was just in the street and I heard some girl calling another girl a mole....took me back to high school, when sayings like "cruising for a brusing" (or youd tell the girls they were pickin for a lickin) and other good insults like "tip rat" and such. But I digress.

  2. G'day and welcome aboard.
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  3. Welcome mate, what are you riding? Looks cruiser-like?
  4. That was a bike I tried sitting oin, wasnt fully assembled, was in 2007 I think, was a 250 CC Hunter Spyder, yeah cruiser/chopper type it was. Love me British bikes also, undecided what Ill get, probably a cruiser
  5. and thanks for the welcome also
  6. Welcome to NR... cool story too!

    I love hearing old school sayings...
  7. Hey and welcome, neighbor :) See you next Feb on the Ride to Remember 2016
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  8. Welcome to the forum!
  9. G'day from western Victoria :)
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  10. Welcome aboard...
  11. welcome aboard :]
  12. Welcome to NR...
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I look foirward to hitting the road (ok ok, keeping it shiny side up-we all know ya shouldnt skid ya lid) doing some touring after I have done some further training to sharpen my skills and improve. Nailed the L Plate test yesterday....100% on both ride and write, if anyone wants a good trainer/assessor and they are in the North East of Vic, I cant recommend George & Bezz @ Ride Smart North East highly enough. They just just write out a ticket, they actually care and are only too happy to pass on their knowledge. Look em up....tell em Rick sent ya! Bought a copy of Just Bikes last week, sooooo much bike p0rn!