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Hey Everyone.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NorthCoastRider, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Hey Everyone. I'm Zach . Im 22 , Ridin a fz6
    Looking for some New riding buddies, Most of mine wont ride cause its to cold [-( Ive only got Red Plates at the moment So cant go over 90 :-s
    If anyones from Coffs harbour / Port Maquarie / Forster / Or Newcastle and wants to catch up and go riding every now and then ,Then Let me know


    Ride free and stay safe :angel:
  2. Bummer you're not in Melbourne......
  3. does the bike stop at 90? ;)

    not from up there, but welcome regardless!
  4. G'day Zack. Spent a big chunk of my childhood in Kempsey, but I'm in Brizzy these days. Anyway, nice to have you here.
  5. Welcome :)

    Get yourself up to the Oxley; I guarantee you'll find that the bike will do more than 90!!
  6. Thanks everyone. The bike does 220 , but i can only do 90 on my p plates. I need to keep my licence so i can get my fz1 ;)
  7. I remember the days of 90kph. It was a pain when I lived on a 110kph stretch of highway.

    Welcome to the forum!
  8. You need to slow down Zach till you get the hang of it muffin. You shouldn't be riding so fast and waving at the same time mate. Waving is not for noobs.
  9. ive been riding 19 years , Noob.
  10. cant go over 90?!?!?!.....that really sucks.
    welcome mate
  11. So why are you still on your P's.....afraid of the big bikes? That's OK, you'll fit in here.

  12. Because I lost them for speeding and i never re applied for my bike licence until the start of the year , because i work and have a life. By the time i went to get them i had to re do my Riding test to show i can still ride and i have been given my P's for 12 months , I dont care what bike i ride , Thanks.
  13. Told ya not to speed and wave Noddy, now you know why. Waving is not for noobs.
  14. #14 minglis, Jul 13, 2011
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    Welcome to NR NorthCoastRider. Live in Newcastle for about 3 years, but back in Melbourne now.

    It seems we have a budding romance between NCR & Chef.
  15. Hey Chef, can ya stop calling him Noddy, it's just way to close my name .. and I earnt mine..
  16. Sorry bro I never thought of that. I might call him snotty instead.
  17. Hi Noddy.

    Cheers Big Ears.
  18. Welcome mate. Things can only get better now
  19. I am the ONE .. the only ONE!
    Nobby is me!
  20. Personally I think this thread is going well. Shame the waving thread was taken from us.