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Hey everyone, new to site.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by DanyK, Apr 18, 2015.

  1. Hey everyone, new to site. 42 and on L's for 6mths, cbr250rr for first few mths and rvf400 now. In the Hornsby area. Looking forward to getting involved in the learner sessions if possible, sound like a great idea for us new 2 wheel road users.

  2. Welcome Dany, you're in a good area for some great rides (Old Road and Putty). A lot of NR group rides in our area start just up the road from you.

    All are welcome to the Learners sessions.
  3. hey thanks for that, hopefully the sun is kind to us soon.8-|
  4. Howdy, just shortened your thread title a bit, need to leave them something to read when they click on it. ;)
  5. Welcome to NR...
  6. welcome aboard :]
  7. Ride in the rain too, sooner or later you will have no choice.
  8. Good on you Dany K it's never to late to start having fun
  9. Howdy Dany & Welcome to NR!