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hey everybody

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jimt0r, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. ive been hearing about net rider for yonks now :grin: and have recently picked up a Kawasaki Sherpa '99 and haven't wanted to motor on anything else :LOL: adel

  2. welcome mate.... we're all bad deviates here.... you'll go well :grin:
  3. hey who's a deviate? OK you got me!

    Welcome to the mad house :grin:
  4. Welcome and enjoy your stay :)
  5. ... and for good reason. It's a great little place.

    Howdy jimt0r!
  6. Welcome Adel, don't listen to these other strange characters, I'm the only sane one here!! :LOL:
  7. Hello...and welcome to the manic room :wink:
  8. Welcome to the forum :grin:
  9. murof eht ot emoclew

  10. mmmm Sherpa - another dual sport :cool:

    Congrats on your choice of ride and welcome to netrider