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Hey Everybody - New here – (pics)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MEAN 250, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Hey everybody, new here

    I’m from SA Just thought i would share my bike with u guys and gals. It's a 2002 KLX 250, and we've added a few mods added since owning it, including:

    - Micron carbon fibre exhaust
    - Bash Plate
    - Reikon handle bars
    - Moved Number plate
    - Few other small bits and pieces

    This bike does not sound like a 250cc, as it has a very deep grunt and is very loud (cos exhaust :grin: ). Its a real head turner.

    So here are a few pics from a month back or so, but since then I’ve added a new bar-pad and grips. Here it is:




    Hope to see some of u guys and girls around, and cant wait to go on some cruises.

  2. Welcome to Netrider :)

    Gotta love Motard style :cool:

    i was thinking of getting a KLR :LOL: you know the pink & purple road trail hehe

    Hope you pass so you get to ride the beast on the road! i can't wait when i start riding! :grin: lol
  3. Nothing like starting young, at both riding, and Netrider :). Welcome.
  4. Welcome to the forums Mean :grin:
  5. cheers fo the nice replys, hope to get to know a few of u
  6. aloha and welcome :)
  7. Hi Michael :grin:

    Welcome to NR ~ Have fun.
  8. HAHA thank, and yes ill try to jave some fun :p
  9. welcome from me too...
  10. fcuk me that pipe looks the business.

    Nice looking bike, would definitely take it for a spin.
  11. Well done on the bike :cool:

    Enjoy, and stray safe when you get let loose on the roads
  12. Love the Micron exhaust
  13. nice bike mate. much better than the dirts squirters i grew up on.

    we have another kwaka dirt bike come out occasionally on Wednesdays and also a yammy, so u wont be the first or only one if u join up with us on a wed night cruise or dinner.

    welcome to the forum and to the world of road riding!
  14. haha yer, at first it didnt quite fit (came off a crashed ZX6r or sumthing), with a bit of pushin and shovin, at the end we got there and now it fits snug and is fcuken loud :cool:
  15. haha yer cheers,, hopefully that'll be tommorow
  16. cheers, yer that would be great, might make my way out to one of these cruises/dinner in the near future when, i get a little more experience :grin:
  17. nice!!! ive riddin one and it was fun but i collected a few bugs in my mouth along the way :oops:
  19. congratulations!!!!!!!!! :cool:
  20. Congratulations MEAN 250 great news :p