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Hey, Crackhead!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by mipearson, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/sfo/27499971.html

    It's Safe For Work, which craigslist usually isn't.

    Kept thinking, though: what kind of motorcycle owner doesn't even have the tools necessary to pull out his own sparkplugs, anyway?
  2. well, i know i'm safe. its a 20 minute job to get to my plugs, and even when you get to them, i'd LOVE to see you get them out without a socket :LOL:

    sportsbikes, the natural enemy of the crackhead :p
    Nice, Crackhead would have a hard time getting to my plugs
  4. At my old office in the middle of the Sydney CBD, we used to hang out the windows (3rd storey) and smoke whilst overlooking Market Lane. Occasionally we would get deals being done and now and then the odd person shooting up :?

    One day I saw a guy pull out some sparkplugs and a hammer... now it all makes sense.
  5. rolf@crackheads
  6. the ceramic part of a sparkplug is used by thieves to shatter the glass of cars and shopfronts, the thieves bash the sparkplug with rock or hammer and the tiny bits of ceramic break off with very sharp edges, then they only fling the piece of ceramic at glass and get instant access to whats behind it.
  7. gee i hope the crack head isnt sitting at home on his computer reading that .... but then theres not much chance he would have one is there ... after that outburst it would almost be worthwhile just sneaking up in the night and snapping another one off :LOL:
  8. With mention of the Muni and 'loin, I'd hazard a guess he's in San Francisco, Cal. 8)
  9. My sparkplugs are under my tank, you have to take off the air filter, and then they are down a really deep dark hole...
  10. wow... you learn something new everyday :LOL:

    that was probably it... i seem to get offered everything else but never crack :(
  11. "both my sparkplugs"
    So it was a Harley?
    So who cares?? :D

    Just kidding, of course, what a low act. Shows how desperate people can be when they are in the grip of a drug....