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Hey, comrades! Mind if I'll join the pack?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Temich, May 28, 2013.

  1. Good day to everyone!

    I moved to Sydney from Saint-Petersburg, Russia in January 2013 and suddenly realised how awesome it should be riding here in Australia: whole year season, nice roads quality and beautiful scenic views!

    I never rode a bike before but I always stared as stupid at these chromed monsters and I love their sound!

    Got passed pre-learner course and hopefully will get my L soon. In the mean time I'm looking for a gear and plan to visit any dealership to try to sit on vstar 650, just to get feeling what it is like.

    Currently based in West Ryde however I plan to move to Sutherland in a couple of months so would be happy to join any events happening around.

  2. Welcome to the forums tovarich.
    Many Sydneysiders will be around and posting shortly and show you the sights so to speak.
  3. Hey those chrome Monsters are awesome! Not as cool as the matte black ones *ahem*, but still awesome :)
  4. Welcome to sunny Sydney, and soon to The Shire, which, the locals will tell you, is the centre of the known Universe!
    And welcome to Netrider :0
  5. приветствовать

    Get out to the Learner sessions on Saturdays at 1pm in Homebush. Plenty of help there and people to meet.
  6. Welcome to NR and the world of bikes.

    As others have said take it easy, get to the learner sessions once you've got your bike and ask questions. Plenty of experience hereon NR
  7. Welcome comrade! May I ask what your reasons for moving were?

    And from your avatar, would I be correct to assume you play EVE?

    In Rust We Trust
  8. Thank you all guys for your warm greetings! I'll definitely participate in the learner sessions as soon as I get my first Rifter bike.

    My main reasons were: a warm climate, nice nature, awesome ocean and finally my wish to get this challenge until I got too old! :] Australian life level and style are way more attractive comparing to Russia's.

    I spent 3 years in EVE and it is probably too much, time to get real life stuff now therefore here - it is probably not too easy for Ozzies to realise how lucky you are to born here!
  9. God I love Rifters, my all-time favourite ship.

    It's funny you say warm climate, because Russia is probably number two or three on my list of places to visit because of the cold climate haha. The grass is always greener.

    I've been playing EVE for probably four years on and off, but haven't played much for the last year, just keep resubbing for the special edition stuff. Never really got that far though because I never wanted to join a real corp. Still love it though.