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Hey All

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by oldwolf, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. Hey All
    Just joined yesterday. Been looking around for some forums.
    Got pointed this way by a fella I met on Saturday on the way to the OZ day ride. (phanoongy?? (spell) sorry if I got it wrong mate)
    Currently I am riding a 2000 Suzuki GSX 750F. I will try and post a pic later.
    I am one of the older group (51 this year), but I like riding too much to care how old I get.

  2. hiya and welcome

    ur close by where i live good to see :grin:
  3. Yeah Im down there on a semi regular basis.
    Sometimes go for a quick late ride on a Sat or Sun, end up at Parkmore shop centre, stop and have a smoke and stretch, then wander off for another half hour or so. Than head home and relax before bed.
  4. ahhh kewl,i dont actually ride its the hubby who has gotten into it.i used to always be on trail bikes until a bad accident that left me with spinal damage,gotta behave nowdays or i could end up in a wheelchair,not much fun i miss the riding i used to do but sometimes u just got to do the right thing.
  5. Know sort of how you feel, as I have had 3 lumbar laminectomies.
    Have to be very careful myself these days.
  6. Howdy, welcome to NR. :grin:
  7. you should try and come and play at the go kart night if ya can which is in march....there is a post about it in the rides and events area :grin:
  8. Might try and get there dont mid karting.
    Although its been a few years since I did it last.
  9. ah well im sure there will be others who havent driven in a while,the main thing is to have fun! :grin:
  10. Welcome aboard.. :grin:
  11. hewwo and welcome :grin: