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Hey all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by basilbrushboomboom, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Hey all
    Met a few of you riding in Adelaide not that long ago, just never got round to posting up.,
    People just call me Basil now, kinda stuck, can't lose it.
    I own an 06 GSX750F (now for sale) and an old 82 XJ750.
    In the market for a F4i. Hope to buy one once the 'F' is sold.

    Sure I'll bump into a few of you around the place as I'm always everywhere, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane

  2. Hey basil, i had a xj750 with the square headlight and yellow safety light underneath it. I used it as courier bike, the cruiser style shape, Pig of a bike, really top heavy. Add to the fact that it had a really bent sidestand and i would of dropped that bike nearly on a daily basis! :LOL: Everytime i parked to run in a building or going down a really step gutter, over she would go. Got so use to dropping it, that all i use to worry about in the end was if it was going to land on something that i would have to pay for. Did'nt even try to save in the end, just would stand clear and make sure it would'nt injure me :LOL: Can't complain though, it made me money. More ways than one! Bought it for a 1,000 dollars off a courier who had done zillions of klms on it (would still start every morning and dead reliable providing i would put it into the garage before 9pm and put a blanket over it!) and then went and insured it for 3,000 dollars. Now every time someone hit me and being there fault, the insurance agency would rite it off straight away cause of it's age and then i would have the choice of buying it back as a wreck for usually for about $250. Soon as i was healed, usually within a day or two, go and get some gaffa tape and tape up the allready broken indicators and off to work! Brillant! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. HAHAHA, sounds like my XJ.
    Still bit of a project, got it off a bloke through work for nothing, not running. Took me a few days to get the old girl going, but when i did, started better then my GSX. Well finish her off one of these days.
  4. The thing that killed my "my pig" in the end was $15 o-rings between the engine block and carbies. Could'nt figure what was wrong with it, so sold it and bought xj 900! Caught up with the copper who bought it :shock: later on down the track, and he told me for $500 plus the o-rings was a great buy! :shock: Thank's mate! :)
  5. G'day mate , welcome from another newbie .. :wink:
  6. Welcome aboard .. :grin:
  7. Good evening, Brave Sir Basil :).
  8. welcome aboard :grin:
  9. Welcome BBBB

    Not a long name you have to type in each time you log in? [​IMG]

    See you round the boards. [​IMG]
  10. The beauty of password wizards!!! LOL
    Is a bit of a mouthful, just Basil for short
  11. hahahhahahaha

    welcome basil!

    catch ya soon mate ;)
  12. Stop stalking me Ginga, or just buy my bike, the F4i is calling to me, hehehe
  13. Very true.

    I was secretly hoping you werent so clever so I could
    laugh at cha. Looks like you had the larf on me instead. [​IMG]
  14. listen here basil.. my girl has been keen of late adn even bought a helmet jacket and gloves yesterday!

    u know i want my ninja first.. but i might be after a second " tourer" styled bike later.. wanna hold onto it for 2 yrs.. or maybe sell it cheap to me now :p

    or i could just keep the gippy once im done with it and get her on her L's

    cheers mate ;)

  15. While you're in fairy land, might as well wish for a pony, don't think any of that is going to happen!!!