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hey all

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jecaspa, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. hey guys i'm new to the site, i live in brissy just got my RE license i'm lookin at gettin a cbr250rr just wanted to see if u's could give me some tips or advice what to look for with the cbr250rr with test riding and just general by the look of them like whats common problems and things to check for?
    thanks guys look foward to chattin with yas

  2. Welcome to the forums.... :)
  3. hey jecaspa, welcome to the forums....you might want to post a message in the welcome thread too....

    and there's lots of people round here who'll give you plenty of advice and tips....

    i know somewhere here there's a really good article about buying a bike but i can't find it.....but you should do a search of the forums...

    and you might also want to come to a friday night coffee night at milton too - don't need to ride your bike there - and you'll meet lots of people from round brissie who'll lend a hand


    here's a link to the coffee club:


    cya there.....
  4. beat ya to it balmy :p
  5. hehehehe i was givin him the link to the coffee club - that one i know.....the other one - i was just toooooooooo lazy to actually look for......
  6. he he qbn. you only had 1 to look for ;) i did both :cool:
  7. yes i agree with above, definately spend some time reading at http://www.cbr250.com/cbr250/forum/ you'll gain a wealth of information.

    Also make sure you get a genuine RR, many single R's have a RR paintjob. Best way to tell them apart is RR has twin disc breaks at front, R has single.
  8. Hi and welcome to the forums.

    I have a CBR250RR. It was the first bike I looked at and its the only bike I like with the sporty design and the top end power. Its also fun to take it up to the twisties. For general commuting its not the most comfortable bike to ride around. In the city when you ride around people will b looking at you coz it sounds abit like ur going a million miles an hour but in first gear ull b going at just 50ks at 14000revs. I also like it when you come around the corner from the lights and ur behind a car you and see the car it front move to one side to let u pass(when i stay in first gear at 14000revs).

    The cbr is not the fastest bike to get off from the ligths since it needs to get it revs up to about 10000rev b4 u get decent power to pull away from cars. Thats normally at around 30+kph.

    I also had my muffler gutted so its pretty loud above 6000revs. A few people said they can hear my bike insted of theirs when they ride behind me and I cant hear anyother bike except mine.

    Overall if you're looking for a fun bike to ride I suggest cbr. CBR's r pretty reliable so just make sure that a few signs to look for when buying one. Firstly I look at the overall condition as in how clean and stuff it'll tell u how much he cares about his bike. Secondly look at fluids in the bike and general maintainance of the bike. If you can try and get its service history and it'll tell you a few more things about the bike.

    For me I had a friend whos a mechanic to check over the bike again with me. I think you can get away with a friend who knows abit about bikes. Luckily I had a genuine private seller which was very helpful in a lot of ways.
    If you have any questions you can ask around in the forum a lot of people will b willing to answer your questions. Good luck in finding a bike for you.

    tis the difference between 1 and 2 legs.

    stay the f*^k away from ACTION motorcycles. they're due for a bomb.
  10. :?:
  11. I don't think he'll have that problem stumpy as he's from Brisbane - unless they've infected other parts of Australia and I don't know about it!