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hey all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ms_tear, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. am A nEw Rider and just wanting to say hey to this site loads of fun

  2. Well there's nothing ms_tear-ious about that; we've known it for ages :p :LOL:

    Welcome to Netrider; enjoy the ride
  3. Hi there, don't wipe your feet, jump in boots and all :)
  4. Welcome ms_tear. hope you enjoy your new lifestyle.
  5. welcome... :grin:
  6. I thought this was an ad for a new computer program. Hmm Microsoft Tear - wonder what that does?

  7. Sounds like it would do what every other Microsoft application does. Of course, the honesty in naming would be refreshing.
  8. Thanks all but i'm A Mac
  9. Well, so am I, but you shouldn't forget that Microsoft infests our platform, too. Microsoft is kind of like herpes - doesn't discriminate on who you are.
  10. hi myster
  11. And here I was thinking I was going to come out with some witty comment similar to above. Looks like i'm not the only one.

    Now... for MS ](*,) , or MS "go visit the psychiatrist"

    And welcome aboard
  12. Welcome aboard the NR cruise :grin:
  13. Welcome to NR, ms_tear!
    Wipe your feet and come on in :p
  14. Welcome to NR and riding! :)