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Hey all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by shaunster, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Hey there,

    Im shaun and I have just done Qride for my 250 license and am About to buy a bike. Havnt been riding long at all, and I can't wait to learn more about it, the bikes and the fellow riders.

    Looks like a pretty cool forum that you ahve going on here, and I hope my stay is a good one.


  2. welcome to the forums. lots of help here on and some really cool people.....i've only been riding for a short time too and these guys have been great.
  3. Congratulations Shaunster.

    There's lot's of helpful info to be found in the forums. :)

    Once you are on two wheels you will wonder what you used to do :wink:
  4. g'day shaun, welcome aboard mate... good t see some more qlders joining :) you'll find just about everything you need here... i love the search button :) spend too many hours just reading :p good luck with ya search for your new baby ;)
  5. Welcome Noob. The fun now begins. :cool:

  6. Welcome Shaun :grin:
  7. Welcome Shaun, hope you enjoy the riding.
  8. Thanks so much everyone, I can;t believe how friendly this place is, not many other forums welcome people as much as this place.

  9. look forward to seeing u at the milton coffee club sometime......

  10. Hey there shaunster, welcome to the forum! :)
  11. MG look as tho your gonna give ktulu a run for his money with pics like that on hand! Nice one :LOL:

    Oh yeah welcome to da noobie :wink:
  12. Hmmmm :-k Ahhh, hmmph? Nah, stuff it I'll be nice. :grin: :LOL:

    Ever since I had to deal with Shauny I can accept you happily. :grin: :LOL:

    Welcome dude! :)
  13. Huh? Are you not talking to me or are you trying to not say something to someone else?
  14. Ahhh the memories!!! What ever did happen to Shauny? "It puts the lotion on its skin......" Fess up Seany, what did you do with him!? :p
  15. Oops.. PS.. Welcome to Netrider Shaunster! :grin:
  16. No, it's ok I wan't talking about or too you, or not saying something to someone else. :)

    I was taking about this person. :LOL: :LOL: it was a reference to a new mwmner who joined a long time ago. :)
    Most of my conspirisory theory is in the Sunday coffee thread but daft if I'm going to try and find it. I will tell you about it tomorrow if you like. :)
  17. Welcome to the dark side Shaunster
  18. You'll never hear his screams Tina. :cool: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    It puts the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose again. :rofl:
  19. Hi and welcome to you shaunster :)