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Hey all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Colg, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, I’ve been a voyeur of this forum for the past few months picking up useful bits of info here and there. Thought it was about time I sent a hello out to everyone. :LOL:

    Just passed my L’s today so one step closer to being a fellow biker. Only thing that I need now is the bike and to convince my self I can afford it. It went from the ‘not much over a grand scenario’ to about 4 or 5 grand thanx to you guys. I was originally going to get a POS, a cheap jacket and a cheap helmet but now I don’t think ill be able to get a good bike under 3k-ish and looking at allocating 1-1.5k for the gear.

    So that brings up the next conundrum. What bike. Do I go for the good old Suzuki GN250 / Tu250x or try to impress the ladies with a sporty number like the CBR250 / zzr-250 or some such similar bike :p ……Guess ill go looking and try some out this weekend .

    Also, im stuck at uni for the next 3 years so there wont be a possibility for an upgrade for at least 4 years so will be stuck with my learner so it needs to be adequate, oh how I wish I could afford a Yamaha XVS-650 or the Hyosung GT600L. Either of them would get me through my restricted period and into my fist years of ridding.

    Oh well now that the rant is over, ill let you guys know when (hopefully) I get my bike and looking forward to some rides when I build up some confidence.

  2. Welcome Colg :)
  3. gday, go with the impress the ladies bike!
  4. i just bought zzr250 you dont impress me!!
    but seriously welcome to the forum!
  5. i just bought zzr250 you dont impress me!!
    but seriously welcome to the forum!
  6. Yargh, welcome aboard.

    i been on a 250 for 2years just upgraded last friday to a 600cc. the 250's werent to bad. i had botha cruiser and a sports bike. cruiser far more relaxed riding, more comfortable, but had no real throttle response as compared to me little 2stroke water cooled beast. (but i suppose a air cooled 250 aint supposed to have throttle response :p)

    i did daily commuting on the sports bike for 1year, and the cruiser for 6 months, (spent 6 months off the road) and i would have to say the cruiser was most definatly best for my traveling but not too cool on the freeway. but i would get a sports bike over another cruiser any day. which i did. theres just sch a thrill (for me at least) knowing that you can just snap that throttle and be off into the sunset, or a wall, depending on your riding skills. ^.^

    [/my 2 cents]
  7. Welcome, Col
    There's quite a few Netriders in the Newcastle area, I'm sure you can get some good advice and help from people like Typhoon (Andrew)

    What part of Newcastle, if I may ask? (Spent years there on and off and love the place)
  8. Welcome Colg.

    Remember you buy bike to impress the ladies not yourself.
  9. Thanx for the welcomes guys.

    At the moment most of my ridding will be short communtes to uni or the shops. The thought of speeding down the freeway at 110+ seens a little scary at the moment :shock: Tho im sure once i build up some confidence ill be able to do it.

    im at Waratah at the moment.

    Cheers :grin:
  10. Talk like that about Newcastle will get you run out of Wollongong Paul... :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Welcome Colg

    Now I guess the breed of bike you want all depends on the type of lady you want to impress.

    BTW takes a lot to impress me :LOL:
  12. Welcome to the good life colg. Hope you enjoy.
  13. Gday mate and welcome

    Cheers :cool:
  14. Hi Colg, well done on your Ls :woot: Go out and sit on as many bikes as you can and see which one fits best. Keep in mind nakeds are cheaper to buy and repair. Welcome to the forum. :grin:
  15. Try to find a gpx i got mine for 3k maybe you find a jacket at salvos or something , but buy a decent helmet
  16. I agree with ksystemz

    GPX is a great little goer, runs well at all times, even on the highway.

    I would say the TU, having ridden one for months myself. It's gathering cobwebs in the garage now. But the TUs are no good for highway riding. They tend to be pushing to reach 100kph.

    I got my GPX for $4,500. Only 5 years old, < 10,000km on the clock. And a broken rocker in the engine that cost me $1,400 to fix.

    Since then, she's been absolutely incredible. Bulletproof, one might say, considering I belt the living daylights out of her. :grin:

    Get what feels best. Take them for a test spin and see what you like.