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hey all

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by kizza, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. just thought id say hi and introduce myself
    the names kizza
    i have a 04 bolwell/sym shark/bso5w that i may have just sold tonight
    and i also have a 02 gilera runner 180 2t

    feel free to ask any questions about either as i have found out quite a bit about both

    top speed on the shark was just under 90klms
    it had h4 headlight
    underbody neon
    led brakelight
    technigas sports exhaust
    hks sports variator
    malossi rollers
    1000rpm race clutch springs
    modified intake and filter
    modified variator shaft

    and thats about it

    and the runner is pretty much stock except for malossi filter, polini maxi speed variator and polini race rollers

    i only upgraded to the runner about 2 months ago and i can tell you i am extremely impressed with it, will lift the front wheel of the ground on take off if you are not carefull.

    seen some of you on twist and go forum so i thought i better sign up for here

    just thought id say hi,
  2. Hello, kizza. :)

    What's top speed on the runner?

    Did you fit the underbody neon?

    People race 50cc scooters?
  3. hey hond@
    the runner runs out of gearing at 140-150
    however i dont mind because it gives it a better takeoff, over in the uk i have heard of them winding out to 180 190

    yeah i did the neon, well actually it is a red deck light, i think the brand is "click" and i got the two from bunnings. they are about 2inches round, and have a toughend glass in them so they dont brake like neons. they are made to sit in pool decks and shine upwards. they are about 30 bucks each and they run off 12 volt power so i just ran it through a switch to the battery.

    and yes they do race 50cc scooters. both track and drag. in the uk mainly but also in the philippines and in europe, there is a sym jet 50 that runs a 13.5 quater mile.
    youd be amazed at some of the stuff the do overseas

    track down a copy of tag, aka twist and go

    also check these sites out
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  5. you wanna watch it with aftermarket lights "neons"
    they are actually illegal if they are bright and cause other motorists to get "dazzled" mind you I put a neon under the front bumper on my car and got pinged bad $70 = "dazzle motorists"
    As-if.. you could hardly see it... plus I've seen other cars with neons in the engine bay shining through.. reds..what ever... so juz watch out. :roll:
  6. its legal if the lights face backwards if they are red.
    however tonight i sold that scooter so ive now got a little spending money for the runner.
  7. thats pretty ricey dude !
    Did you have HKS stickers to point out the variator ? :grin:

    Come to think about it, is there an equivalent term for riders who are riceboys ? Like riders who ride a Cagiva Mito, but sticker it up to make it look like a Duc 996 ?? :shock: Or Honda riders who put VTEC VTiR TypeR stickers on their cowling ??? :LOL: . . . or in this case, neons ??
  8. ah come on its only a bit of fun.
    on a scooter it was something different, how many scooters have you seen with underbody lighting. plus it had a few go fast bits and beat almost all 50's i came up against, except sr50 ditech.
    each to there own i guess
  9. nothing wrong with neons lights
    as long as your happy with it who cares... cause in the end your the one riding it and if it makes you happy i say go with it
    :grin: :grin:
  10. Hey Kizza, welcome to the forums. Doesn't matter what you ride as long as you ride :grin:
  11. About time someone said that flipper lol
  12. nice list of mods for both skoots ;)

    any pics of them, especially the 50?

    did you have trouble getting a h4 globe for the bolwell? my jolie has a really old style globe and i cant find one to replace it :(
  13. I know this is forum archaeology, and this is a bit of a fossil thread.

    Originally the term "rice rocket" was applied to motorbikes, not import cars. It was only later on that cars got the label.