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Hey all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Repsol_rated, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. Hi all just saying helloo great site ,thought I would sign up and help where I can ,own a couple of bikes hope to see you on the road sometime

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  2. gday Repsol_ratedRepsol_rated and welcome to NR - when your membership status allows please post up some bike pics
  3. Welcome mate :cool:
  4. Welcome to the asylum!
  5. Will do thanks
  6. Welcome to Netrider - not to be confused with Knight Rider.
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  7. no hamburger ?
  8. Heya Repsol_ratedRepsol_rated & welcome!
    What nikes do you have? :) make sure you put up a showcase.
  9. Welcome
  10. do nike even do repsol colours ?
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  11. Doh! :facepalm: Autocorrect fail!! Bikes not nikes! :wacky:
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  12. Perhaps a pair of these:LOL:

    [​IMG]And I know for sure you can't blame fat fingers Valvoline:sneaky:.

    Hi and welcome RR(y)
  13. Howdy.

    Please be aware - its easy becoming a member - not so easy to leave. Welcome to the nuthouse.
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  14. welcome aboard :)
  15. Hey mate I own a repsol CBR 600 and a Honda crf 250l which I just converted into a motard
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  16. Should be nice don't you think
  17. prefer ape super pole colours myself
  18. welcome .....
  19. Welcome,
    Hope to see you out there.