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Hey all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Barbarella, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. Hey there all
    Well ... it was suggested that i join ... so here am.
    My bike is in hibernation for winter, so im looking forward to the warmer weather... too much of a girl to get out there in the cold and wet.
    Ive just upgraded my bike, have only ridden the new one once (and as embarassed as i am to say this ... Im gonna ... first time on and i fell off), BUT i didnt cry, and got back on (had to get home somehow!!!) Soooo ... if anyone can offer some advice, apart from "dont fall off" ... i'll be more than happy to listen.
    Also im guessing that i need to upload some bike pics...

  2. Hiya

    Lets see this bike you fell off of.
  3. Welcome to NR Barbarella, mandatory first question is usually, 'Are you hot?' Richo307 didnt pass that test :)
    In all seriousness though, alot of reading and alot of support on this site, take your time, look around and hel pis never far on here.
  4. hey richo307 ...
    my toy pic will be up tomorrow ..... stay tuned
  5. my advice hard up and go out in the rain and wet
  6. Hi Barbarella, welcome to NR. Where are you from?

    I don't like riding in the wet, but wouldn't DREAM of going into hibernation.
  7. Im sorry guys my net wasn't working !

    Hey barbarella - are you hot?!?!
  8. thnx rat man407 i'll remember that bit of advice
    @greydog .... ok, i'll try .. cant promise ... i work s#%t hours so i'm time poor mostly ...and im Melbourne ..outer east
    @87crisis ....i'll post and u can decide.... R U???
  9. for the purpose of us getting a picture out of you, yes...i am rediculously good looking and have many leather bound book's.

    ... i am engaged though so my look's are pointless....plus i'm probably only a few years older than some of your kids ;)

    also on a completely unrelated note...my dog just farted...and it smelt like my dirty socks =/
  10. If you've only just upgraded, I suggest you get your butt down to the Saturday learner session - which isn't just for learners btw. Good place to meet NRs, plus get some practise around the cones/ebraking practise to get yourself familiar with the new bike. I've just upgraded, and it definitely helped.

    When you get there, introduce yourself to Hawklord and GreyBM.

    There's my suggestion - as requested by OP.
  11. the saturday sessions sound good ... only prob is that i work weekends ....
    87crisis ..how do you know come to tht conclusion??
  12. is nothing sacred ??? lol
  13. Don't you mean Stalkbook.......
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  14. Welcome to Netrider. I guess you know the derivation of your username :).
  15. Not when you're on FB - I am one of the black sheep who refuse to become engrossed with it, forums take my time instead.
  16. Tic Toc Tic Toc we are still waiting for those pics you promised Barbarella :)
    Oh yeah, and of the bike too :)
  17. hard up ---she is female - didnt you see....
  18. o and hello and welcome from S.A.
  19. lol yes i do ... i remember the movie when it came out ... WAY ahead of its time...