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Hey all!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Kitju Kat, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. Hey there!

    I'm new to net rider so I thought I'd introduce myself! My names Jessie. I only just got my license just over a week ago.

    Got serious about bikes and riding when a friend and I were at Auto Salon(the lame car show) this year and deiced to make a pact to get our bike licenses. Few weeks later we were on his dad's KDX200 fanging it around a paddock. Booked our test together and here I am! Unfortunately he doesn't have funding for a bike as yet so I'm kind of learning on my own. However I managed to get my little hands on a sweet Kawasaki ZZR250 and am looking to make some new friends to go ride it with!

    I'm still a bit nervous on the road. But have only been out there 3 times in the week I've had my bike. I tell ya, I wish I knew how to drive a manual car before getting a bike. However I am learning quick!

    Here's the least blurry picture of my bike. Excuse the tiger :p


    Anyway looking forward to meeting some of you hopefully soon!
  2. Welcome Jessie, what city are u from?
  3. Thank you! Sorry forgot to mention that, Melbourne. :) South Eastern Suburbs.
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  5. Thanks again! All signed up! Really looking forward to going to some of the learner rides and meet and greets I've heard alot about
  6. welcome to netrider
  7. Hey Jessie,

    Welcome to netrider!

    Looking forward to seeing you at Sat Learner's prac sometime soon (in same forum Goz linked) and/or on a Tues ride ... or maybe even a Sunday!!!


  8. Yes! Thank you! Is there going to be a ride tomo? Couldn't really see much on the forums about tomorrow specially
  9. Hi Jessie, welcome to netrider!

    You have a very pretty bike and your tiger is gorgeous :p

    Lots of girls on bikes yay!

    I have to agree with you. Having driven a manual car the gear changes aren't as much of a worry...it's the starting off in first gear that I find tricky :p
  10. Haha thanks! Yeah my housemates are really funny guys lol.

    Was wondering, where in Melbourne are you? And anyone else for that matter! I've been talking to Andie (Falconet) and we were hoping to meet some new riders!
  11. Hi jessie, great to see another lady rider here.
  12. Hi Jessie and welcome on board.
  13. Thanks everyone! It's really great to be here! :D
  14. Now thats a big pussy!

    Have a good time.
  15. Haha!

    I live in Avondale Heights which is Melbourne NW. No where near Calyton :p But my bf lives in Ferntree Gully so I'm there at least a couple of times a week. When I get my bike I'll hopefully be riding it there :D
  16. Hey Jessie, welcome to the forums.
    Nice choice in bike, you've got a (y) to your name already :).

    PS, watch out for those Yamaha and Suzuki riders, some of them are .... special :rofl:
  17. Hi Jessie and welcome to NR

    Best way to meet riders is to come along to a coffee night and get to know people. Most are happy to help out new riders.

    Or go along to Sat Learner practice or if you are up to it, the Sunday learner friendly ride.
  18. Welcome Jessie. Rode one of those from Makay to Mel. Good little bike that one.

  19. don't you just love the backgrounds of peoples' bike pictures? :wink:

    welcome to Netrider, Jessie, and the shaky joys of the first few rides; it WILL get better, honest :).
  20. Haha yes! The girl calendar? I live with 3 boys, it can't be helped lol.

    Thanks everyone! I went along to the Tuesday right tonight. Had a great time! Really helped me out heaps! Made some friends and everyone is very helpful!

    I've heard lots about the Sat/Sun rides. I'll be joining those as soon as I can. Stupid retail at this time of the year!

    Feel free anyone to pm me or anything to meet up and have a coffee or go for a ride anytime!