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hey all this is me

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by boondock, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. hello all,

    have been on my L's for a bit over 2 months and lovin every momet of it.
    i from wollongong, and ride a purply/blue 94 suzuki across.

    looking forward to meeting and riding with everyone
  2. Hi, i to am a newbie.

    Take care
  3. hey fran,

    how do i put what bike i have

    <--------------- here
  4. Hi Boondock, another Wollongong rider, eh??

    You can put all those details in by editing your profile

    see, easy :grin:
  5. Hi Boondock and Fran, welcome to both of you. To show your details go to the Forum index page and at the top click on 'profile'.
  6. i can hear the cbr asking me to take it to wollongong, its not that far you know
  7. Hi and welcome .
    Keep your eyes out for the sydney events ,we when to Bulli last week for lunch.
  8. welcome to you both - boondock and fran - hope you enjoy the riding and the forums
  9. Hello and welcome boondock and fran. :)
  10. Hi Boondock, Fran :)
  11. Thanks guys! this site is brilliant! been laughing so much reading some of the posts that i almost fell of my chair!!

    Hopefully tomorrow Boondock ill have a pic of my bike up, i got no idea how to do it, Breno is going to show me... i hope.