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HEY ALL some peeps wanted to see the mods id done

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by jedda, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. hey all for thoes who wanted to see my mods to my bike go to


    and all have been uploaded there cos i dont know how to put them up ere lol
  2. Is your bike named after the great Australian film Jedda? The star was an aboriginal girl and I thought Blackjedda was a play on words to describe your bike and this girl.
    It was made in 1956 by Charles Chauvel and was the first colour feature film made in Australia. Lovely girl, powerful film and nice bike.

    Yes, some motorcycle riders do have other hobbies!
  3. re exh mod

    hey there r Moore i was given the nickname blackjedda a number of years ago and over time i dropped the black and just became jedda but your right it was and still is a great film i have seen it a few times now and yes well i put the name on the bike cos its my nic not because of the film but now that u say it well it could be a tribute to jedda from the film yes o well hope this helps lol but the name has stuck and only a few like yourself has picked up on it well done ok catch you all for now


    keep your rubber on the road not your skin
  4. About your rear indicator mods, on the gpx you can just use the standard integrated indicators. Kawasaki Australia had them all painted over for ADRs, but I think you can uncover the paint/install the indicators (obtain from wreckers).
    I don't know all that's involved, but it'll look intended :)

  5. re indicator mod

    yea i saw this pic a wile ago and on this model well it just plastic mouldings yep i have already tried and bugger it ain't the same lol so i have settled for the other mod not as good as this pic looks but hey what can u do on a budget lol but will look hey does anyone know of a bike wrecker close by to kilsyth ???????
  6. Which mods have you done?
    If you've done me, I was too drunk to remember.
  7. nasty :shock: