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Hey all. Recently suspended rider.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by coxc, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. A little bit about myself, I recently quit my job to travel around Australia on my CBR250R'11, .planning to shove off just after new years, but neglected to slow down to 80 in a construction zone coming down from Canberra at Campbell town.

    Ended up with 900 in fines and 3mths off my licence, and a useless bike.:nopity:
    But alas, life is a biatch, and we all have our setbacks.

    I've been viewing NR for some time, and decided to sign up.

    Anyway, merry christmas all.
  2. Pretty unlucky. :( Welcome to NR and merry xmas! Are you gonna go as soon as your suspension lifts or have you had to change course?
  3. Yeah, now I just need to find an apartment and a job for the next 3 months, but alls well that ends well
  4. You must have been doing a fair old clip OVER the 80 limit at the roadworks to cop that sort of fine and suspension.

    Anyway, welcome to Netrider.
  5. not really hornet.. if hes on hes p's(assuming he is, because hes on a cbr250) in nsw, isnt any speeding fine a 3 month suspension?
  6. yes but the fine isn't that huge is it?
  7. It failure to display L's 216
    and allegedly going atleast 30kph over while on restrictions 700,
    which I find hard to believe, as I was travelling about 10k faster than the left lane, and following two other vehicles equidistantly.

    .I generally don't use my plate's as going 80kph on a freeway is rather unsafe.

    But obviously I was in the wrong, and will have to cry my self to sleep for 90 odd days.
  8. Lucky you only got 90 days.
    Welcome to the forums!
    We live, we learn.
  9. the campbelltown, m5, hume roadworks, a never ending 80 zone for what seems has been 5 years and never a worker in sight
  10. 3months ends 23,3,12 but what I've read in similar threads suggests I'll get a further suspension for the -10points. If that's true I may as well sell the bike and hope to have enough for a trip to the US.

    All to get to a crissie lunch, should of stayed in Canberra and got pissed :(
  11. Is it a act licence or NSW, pretty sure your done, but things sometimes don't always transfer across state lines
  12. NSW, I was only in the ACT until I started my trip. You wouldn't think they could double dip like that the dogs, 900$ and 3months to the cops, then RTA takes another few months, seems a bit shit, especially since it seems I wouldn't of found out until after the first suspension.

    Anyway, I knew how risky it was, was hoping by staying behind 2 cars doing the exact same speed I would bew OK.

    By the police reaction you'd think I popped a mono and lost control as a primary school for the deaf and blind was letting out.

    Oh well, anyone know if the autoplate rego system will pick up on my plates everytime a cop drives past?

    Am I at least able to lend the bike without the rider being harassed?
  13. Yeah, you might. 30 over is a "serious speeding offence" with a possible 3 month suspension regardless of points for even a full license. I'm going by http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/usingroads/penalties/demeritpoints/index.html

    "Licence suspension and disqualification periods for speeding

    Licence holders may be disqualified or have their licence suspended for the following serious speeding offences:
    •Driving more than 45 km/h above the speed limit – six months.
    •Driving more than 30 km/h but not more than 45 km/h above the speed limit – three months.

    In addition to the suspension and disqualification periods, these offences also carry demerit points which are added to the licence holder’s record. If these demerit points cause the licence holder to reach or exceed their demerit points limit, then an additional suspension or refusal period may apply under the Demerit Points Scheme."

    I'd say 3 months on your points + 3 months on 30+ over.
  14. Thanks for looking that up, I'll enquire with the RTA to be certain, oh well, worst case I go to America for a year instead.

    Just hope I don't get sick, or god forbid crash over there.
  15. Just a suggestion. No idea what your plans are if you do go to end up going to America, but it'd be worth looking into to see if you can still get a driving/riding permit in America even if your Australian license is currently suspended/has been recently suspended. I wish you all the best!
  16. I think you'd need an International license which you get here and you may not be eligible for now. Not sure. But if you do go to the US make sure you have good travel insurance if you are going to ride there.

    You know, it seems a bit odd to me that you'd jump on a bike and then take on such big rides. I'm a mature returning rider and it took me over a year to get to a point where I'd say I had a chance to experience everything and build up my skill level to where I had a chance against the cages.That was with daily riding and lots of trips with other experienced riders in every condition you can think of. It was great fun. I do think L's are better off riding with others for a while. There are so many crazy things out there that are easier to avoid if you have an experienced rider leading.

    Even after that and getting on to a full power bike there was a fairly long learning curve regarding how to stay safe out there. Maybe I'm slow or over cautious but with 10 years under my belt now, no major incidents so something is working. As they say though, probably just luck.

    Anyway, my first reaction to your post was, wow that's a lot to take on for a learner. Then again, I also thought good on 'ya. Might as well get your experience while riding around the country. But it did seem odd.

    Whatever you do, stay safe and have fun. Sounds like you are at a point in life where you have some cool options so enjoy. Maybe you should try the track?
  17. It probably isn't the most sensible thing for me to do, but I'm not one to shy away from what I consider to be an acceptable level of risk.

    I guess all those video games have given me a false sense of immortality and decreased reaction times, seems to me staying safe while riding is mostly reacting automatically.

    that being said, I didn't react to that 80 zone haha

    I appreciate the concern, and you seem to be right about the international licence, I guess, I'll just wait the time out, and get my P's. Won't be the first time I've had to build myself up from nothing, just wish I didn't sell all my shit/ and leave my apartment/job so hastily

    Have a great newyear. :)
  18. It's pretty trivial to take a driving test and get a US license in most US states.....which would avoid the need for an international license
  19. welcome to NR, and good luck with whatever you do and where you go..
  20. I thought from reading road rider magazines advice, that you could just show your aussie licence over there while travelling, worth enquiring about, i mean there not gonna have your suspension in a U.S database