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Hey all , No VTRBob around for a few weeks UPDATED!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VTRBob, Jul 12, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I know i've been quiet on here for the past few weeks, but alots been happening, some good, some not so.

    New Job Rocks :)

    But now im off asap to Sydney ( i think im riding up ) not sure yet.
    My family although not been a really close one we still stay in touch
    offten via the phone etc

    Well not an hr ago i get a phone call from my Bro in Syd
    WTF its not the w/end and it not after 7 pm TROUBLE !!

    i was right, my mums been fighting that bastard cancer for over a
    year now. and she had a fall yesterday to which needed the usual xrays
    and the Doc noticed a slight sluring of her voice ( i had too last time i talked to her but put it down to the Chemo and being tied )
    So he ordered a new CAT scan and MRI

    The short of it is , she's in for brain surg tmw morning to try and remove one Pharkin big lump thats up in there and its a 50/50 if she's going to make it through in realitivly one piece.

    So you melb guys / girls wont be seeing my happy flirty self at any coffee or other events for awhile , and i just got the bike going good enough the the ride this sat night too

    See you all when im back
  2. Best wishes to both you and your mum, Bob.

    I'll send some get-well-soon mojo in her direction. :)
  3. best wishes to your mum bob...
  4. Good luck mate, do what you can and I hope it turns out all right.
  5. Best wishes to you and your mum, Bob.

  6. I hope everything goes well with your mum. Best of luck, if you need us, you know where to find us.
  7. Hey mate im really sorry to hear that. i hope she pulls through and everything works out.

    if you need anything when your up in sydney (rides in my car) or anything PM me and ill give you my mobile number.. ill be happy to help mate.
  8. Hey Bob,sorry to hear about your Mums illness i hope her operation goes well.
    all the best Paula
  9. good luck bob
    hope all goes well
    take your time going up , no need to rush , no good not getting there .
  10. Bob, best wishes to you and yr mummy. I hope all goes well.

  11. May it end in smiles, Bob.
  12. Hope everything works out Bob. Safe travels and dont forget to wear your lucky pink frilly crotchless g-string for good luck:)

    If you need anything at all, you have my number, and don't hesitate to call.

    Best wishes.

  13. Best wishes to your mum Bob for a full and speedy recovery :D .
  14. ... take it easy. Hope to see you again soon.
  15. Somehow, my imagination doesn't stretch to these still being the original pristine pink they once were.
  16. good luck Bob, I hope all ends well.
  17. All the best for your Mum Bob, you know where to contact us if you need to and I will wait to hear of positive news over the next few days :)
  18. Re: Hey all , No VTRBob around for a few weeks

    The chance stats were a little better due to placement, but a very similiar thing (brain surgery to cut out a life threatening big lump) happened in my close family recently enough that it sometimes feels like yesterday. It simply amazes me what surgeons can do these days and how even a 50/50 chance is good odds, not to mention how the human body, combined with a strong will and some hard work, can be resilient. Your Mum sounds like a very resilient woman Bob, so here's hoping the best for your all. It's a long and tough recovery road.
  19. hi ya Bob

    haven't seen you for a while
    nice to see the jobs' a goer...

    re ya mum,
    good luck and hope it all turns out well
    worrying times, i know

    (from someone who also has a sick Mum)
  20. hey sweets, try to relax and take it easy, if you need to get a smile on your face just remember how high mat jumps... (sorry i stole your post mat)