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Hey all, new to Melbourne (and Aus)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by termis, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. Just arrived in Melbourne after having to put up with Calgary, Canada for two years -- god I hate that place -- no worse place for a motorcyclist.

    Anyway, I consider myself a "global-citizen" -- yeah, I know that's cliche these days, but check this out. Born in Korea, raised going back & forth between Korea & California, worked in U.S, Korea, & Japan, and ended up marrying a Canadian wife which led me to Canada for a couple years, and finally I'm now down in Melbourne to study for an MBA (and quite possibly settling afterwards).

    I've ridden a number of bikes -- from an old Royal Enfield Bullet 350 to a Kawi LTD 750 to a Hyosung GF125 to Yammy Zeal 250 to a CBR600 to two FZR600s to a 996 (not in that order). I've raced a couple small bikes, YSR50s & HSRC (Hyosung) 125s.

    The 996 is the only one I have now, but that's sitting in a garage in California, and it'll pry stay there for some time.

    For here, I'm just gonna be looking for a light commuter, as I need to put away $50,000 for my tuition!!! :cry:

    Anyway, that was an unnecessarily long intro post -- hope to check out good riding roads in Victoria with some of you sooner or later!

    Cheers, :grin:
  2. Welcome mate!

    Be sure you check out the rest of Australia before settling in Melbourne. It's an arsehole of a town down here :grin:
  3. Welcome to Australia, and Melbourne and NR!

    What's an MBA?

    Damn I feel thick...anyway, see you on the road some time
  4. :LOL: Far from it so far. People have been exceptional.

    Cheers. :) And MBA = Masters in Business Administration. Just a postgrad degree for commerce.
  5. Welcome!

    Holy $hit :shock:
    For an MBA?!?!

    I'm hoping that that figure includes all of your living expenses? i.e. you're saving this up to include your 'wage' as well, coz you won't be working while studying? Surely that figure is not your tuition costs alone?!
  6. You're in the best part of the best city... :LOL:

    Whereabouts in Brunswick are you?
  7. Nah, that's so just the tuition alone. Well, that figure is actually for Australian citizens/permanent residents. It's actually $52,000 for me. :cry: I believe it's one of the most expensive programs in Aus (Univ of Melb).

    And they say that working while attending full-time is discouraged because of the hours required by the program, so yeah, my savings are going to be hit pretty good by the time I'm done with this.

    Thank goodness I have a wife who can work while I'm here. :)

    Near Flemington St and Brunswick Rd. Now, I've yet to move in there - that'll happen in couple days - so I have no idea how good/bad the area really is just yet. But seeing how cheap it was (well compared to other listings), I guess I can't compain all too much if it's bad. :?
  8. Ahh the MBA - the postgrad course of choice for people who have no idea what they actually want to do, just that they want another qualification :p :LOL:.

    Welcome to this part of the globe :).
  9. I assume that's Fleming St. rather than Flemington. :wink:

    Not a bad area and nice and close to the city. You can comfortably walk or cycle to Melb Uni from there. The closest tram takes you into Elizabeth St - right past all the bike shops.
  10. Haha, perhaps so, and I'm sure there are those guilty of that. I have a pretty good idea where I want to go, and hopefully I'll get there with this, but we'll see 2 years down the line. :wink:

    Yes, yes. Fleming St. Damn, looking at all these places confuses my poor little mind.
  11. Welcome to NR an Melbourne. Hope you enjoy your stay.

    BTW you seem very perceptive, we Melbournians are exceptional :grin:
  12. Im tipping the Kwaka LTD 750 was in Canada? Those cruiser style bikes are everywhere there.
  13. lol, yeah, so far, anyway. :wink:

    That was in California, back in '92. My first bike ever, got an '84 model for $500 or so IIRC. (No graudated licensing back there!)
  14. They are mate, as they are anywhere.

    It's the town itself that's a bit bodgy.