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Hey all! New rider [SYD] GS500F

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by cardboardtenant, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Thought I would introduce myself before I started posting and told to write up here (you guys are very obersvant with new posters I have noticed haha)

    My girlfriend and I did out Ls in November and went out to buy our own bikes in January this year.

    I bought myself a Suzuki GS500F while she grabbed herself a Kawasaki Ninja 250R.

    We've both been riding to work and back and learning as we go along and trying to get out on the weekends for some spirited riding on as many different roads as possible.

    We are hoping to get along to some of the MOST training days I have seen on here soon enough and meet a few people from here!

    Cheers for reading

  2. Welcome on board Sam and congrats on getting your L's and getting your bikes.
  3. G'day Sam

    See you and the GF at the MOST practice sessions sometime soon I hope. :)

    Fun Ha!
  4. Welcome aboard - Nice choice of bikes, I actually wanted to by the Suzuki when I was on my L's but couldnt find one in good condition - as for your GF's choice of bike, look at my user name, need I say more :)

    Are you guys in Sydney?
  5. Happy riding to you both, and welcome to Netrider.
  6. Hey welcome to the GS500 family.........
    Couldn't be happier with mine.
  7. Welcome Sam and G/F, where abouts in Syd are you guys?
  8. Thanks for the welcome all!

    @Ohmigosh. We sure hope to soon. We were planning on going to the one a few weeks back but a few unexpected things came up. We'll be looking for the next one and seeing if we can make it.

    @ZX_Ninja. Yeah I was tossing up over the GS's for a while and ended up buying brand new as most bikes were only a couple of grand cheaper with 12+ kms on them. My gf ended up getting the ninja cause it was the first (nice looking) bike she could stand on :LOL: I envy her bikes handling right now but being a lot heavier than her I don't envy the lack of torque. Give and take I guess haha

    @Goz and ZX_Ninja. She lives Hornsby way and I'm in Botany.

    The 3 or 4 rides we have been on so far have been Galston Gorge, Kuringai Chase park, Old Pac highway and around Toronto. I am keen to check out the National Park and go through Bundeena and the likes down south sometime soon too.

    Riding to work an back we are both focussing on being more aware in traffic (we are both accident free drivrs *touch wood*) and avoiding some crazy drivers. In the end it's our weekend rides we really like the best being able to let the bikes loosen up out of traffic and on smooth flowing roads.

  9. Hi Sam and welcome to Netrider.
    Fantastic choice of bikes for you both and wishing you many happy and safe adventures.
  10. Welcome to NR and a very nice choice in bike as well, so did you get Blue/white or Black/silver?

    Cheers Paul.
  11. You have GS500F envy :) ill swap ya for your Kawka .....*grin*
  12. In true Suzuki style I went the Blue/White option

    It was actually a really quick decision after just going there to sit on the bike and see how the ride height was for me.

    I went there to check out the used GS500 they had and noticed they had just brought in 3 new F's. 2 Blue and 1 black. I looked over all of them and when the sales guy came up to me it was all game over.

    The poor thing has had it's first drop a few weeks back, although no damage to the bike as I caught it at 90% of the way down. Unfortunately I got the damage with my leg caught under a hot oil cooler and my second degree burn is now almost fully healed after 3-4 weeks. :(

  13. LOL ... not sure I could handle the upgrade, maybe its best I just hold onto mine for the time being :)
  14. Ah both have their pros and cons I have found riding both my gf's and my bike.

    There's isn't too much of a speed difference that I've noticed but I come on the power a lot quicker given the bigger engine.

    Aside, she doesn't need the poer as much cause she just cruises through the corners and carries a lot more speed than me cause it's a smaller, more nimble bike.

    Any of you guys around our areas keen for some rides?
  15. Disaster happened this morning!

    Turned the bike on, put it on it's stand, locked the gate, walked back around my bike and nudged it.... being on the smallest downhill, it took off and I couldn't grab it in time......

    Bike fell over with a big crunch, scratched the oil cooler, mirror and has punched the indicator stalk out of the fairing and broken the holder.

    I going to figure a temporary solution as the indicator is now loose in the hole and then figure out what I will do from now to fix it :(
  16. bummer mate, these things happen, keep an eye on the oil, make sure there is no leaks, could have a hairline fracture on the oil box
  17. Thanks goz, good idea.

    Last Night I put it on it's stand and went over every inch of the bike.I noticed more damage but all the stuff I noticed initially wan't as bad as first expected....

    The damage is:
    Bent Clutch handle - just the end, 90% straight - $10 to replace
    Scratched mirror - Superficial scratch - $10
    Scratched crank case (said oil cooler for some reason, was having a bad morning) - looks to have only scraped along the ground not taken any force - Cleaned it and found it was just dirt mainly in there
    Scratched indicator - superficial - cost nfi
    Cracked upper fairing indicator holder - Rooted around the holder. I have fixed the indicator back into it's old position. Cost to replace fairing $3-400 + a few hours of my time...

    Not too bad and lessons learnt. Don't put the bike on even the slightest downhill and expect it to stay :(

  18. ok, so you know for next time, when your on a hill like u said above and need to get off the bike, turn the bike off and leave it in first gear while on its side stand, will never happen again, see ya on Saturday
  19. Sure is a lesson learned!

    Next time when I want to warm my bike up, i'll be on it!