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hey all, New member from melbZ

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by midnitejet, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. hey boys and girls,

    Just another Learner here, got a Suzuki RGV 250 and im loving it as a first bike

    Hope to get to know some of you soon.

  2. Gday from another newbie - love the RGVs - a mate of mine has one.
    Love the smell of 2 stroke in the early mornings! :grin:
  3. hey guys/girls....

    rgv, nice one u noisy prick :p
  4. welcome....

    please take note of the emergency exits.. located here.... here and here :)
  5. i shudder to think what's under the seat
  6. Welcome to Netrider people :)
  7. Eau De Lawnmower :LOL:
  8. LOL I love it!!!! :grin: :grin:
  9. welcome all, so where in melb you from?

    ill prob just be able to stick my head out the door on a weekend and hear you anyway hey... :p
  10. welcome to netrider enjoy the rgv while you still can, LAMS is only around the corner guess what bike isn't LAMS :LOL: sorry just had too

    nice bike still :p
  11. Welcome to NR :grin:
  12. Welcome to NR ..
  13. Awesome mate! Glad you're liking the RGV as your first bike - I've recently bought one myself. We'll have to go for a spin sometime when I get mine going. :cool:
  14. welcome to NR, how much are new cutting blades for the RGV these days? back when i had one you could get them from the servo, $15 :LOL:
    welcome :cool:
  15. The greenies should all roast in their own global warming oven for forcing two-strokes off the road :evil:

    Welcome to Netirder, you two-stroking flying fools :LOL:.