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Hey all, new gsxr rider in Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kieran848, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. #1 Kieran-Gsxr6, Aug 24, 2016
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    hey guys,

    I'm not a newbie to Sydney (formerly a Queenslander), but reactivated my account after a long spell. I've been riding through Old Pacific Highway quite a bit as of late, and Putty Rd etc. I also have my 1st track day booked in the coming weeks, so it should be epic to unleash out there.

    This is my beloved GSXR-600, I love this bike to pieces, it just works and can not fault it.


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  2. Nice one mate, track days are mad. I ride a gsxr1000 k6, might see u on the old road some day. Or at the creek. I'll be the guy passing all the 600cc bikes on the straight, and then have to pass them again next lap because the bastards passed me around the back of the track with their knee down bullshit ;-)
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  3. Haha, I can't imagine trying to hold onto a bike with the power of a 1000cc. I rode my mates modded MT09, front wheel lifts up when you take off and it just didn't feel right turning corners!
    I'll be at the Eastern Creek on September 12th, with 8x MT09s. I'll keep an eye out for you around the traps
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  4. Welcome bro.

    Once i get my fulls in about 10months. It's a gsxr750 or a r6.

    My baby r3 is enough fun for now.
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  5. Welcome to the forum mate

    There's a thread on here called 'EC dates for 2016' I think where some of us plan the next track day fix.

    We usually also organise a garage for all Netriders. Next day planned Sat 3 Sept.

    Hope to see you out there one day.
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  6. Go the 1000cc mate
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  7. welcome aboard :)
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  8. Welcome to NR
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  9. Welcome mate. If I see a black gixxer 600 on old road I'll come say gday. I'm on a red firestorm with a fancy suit, you'll know it's me because there's no scratches on the knee sliders ;-)
  10. Haha, I too have that same issue. Hoping I get closer to scraping them on the track. Will keep an eye out, will probably go for a run this weekend
  11. Welcome mate :cool:
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  12. gday Kieran-Gsxr6Kieran-Gsxr6 and a belated welcome back to NR - nice gixxer!
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  13. ........................ Most of us do. Along with the exhaust, fairings and leathers.

    Welcome, come along on the 03rd and say hi.
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  14. Welcome!

    The old pac is so much fun - I should go up there more often; perhaps I'll actually get snapped one day (by photographers, not the cops I hope! :oops:)
    I really, really wanna do a track day - I'm so careful on the road and I wanna really let it all out on the track - but I'm not sure what I need to be ready for my first day! (Also... the small matter of fitting in leathers...)
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  15. haha.. I hope I am 'not that lucky'.. this is my daily ride to work as well. Will see if I can pop past to spectate for a bit, I have the 12th already booked in. Can't wait to start opening the bike up!

    It is an amazing road, I am glad i'm on the north side so it isn't overly far away. The more time you put into riding through the twists, the more confident you'll get. In regards, to opening it, just pick your moments ;) .. Remember, if you find a nice straight that you want to crank it on, a cop also has that same idea.
    I think with hitting the track, book the day first!! Don't think, just do!! And then figure out how to make the rest happen. I bought my leathers a couple of months in advance, they take a bit to break in, plus getting used to riding in full gear takes a little bit of time, i found. See you out there one day
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  16. TildesamTildesam i had an excellent experience with ozmotorcycleleathersozmotorcycleleathers getting measured up for some custom leathers and have no problem giving them a(nother) plug. They're not cheap, but there is simply nothing that can compare to a leather suit that fits you perfectly - It even comes with your name in it. I was pretty happy when I saw that, thought it was a nice touch :p

    It's comfortable, it's a perfect fit, it's absolutely beautiful, the stitching is immaculate, I just can't fault the product or the service in any way. I honestly wish I did it sooner... I'm thinking about getting another jacket as the race leathers are a bit fancy and bothersome to put on for my seven minute commute to work haha. I wear them every time I go on a big ride though. So comfortable, perfect fit, my advice to anyone looking at a suit is this - it may be cost prohibitive, but seriously, save your money and spend it on the right suit, one that's made to measure. At the end of the day, if nothing else it's safer, because it fits you perfectly.
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