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Hey all - new beginner rider from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sickly, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just dropping in to say hello. My girlfriend Laura (Kowai on netrider) highly recommended these forums and looking around I can see why.

    I've got my L's course this Thursday, and I'm really looking forward to meeting up with everyone for some of the rides in the future.

    If everything goes well, I should be able to get to the learners session as soon as I'm confident enough to make it over the Westgate, heh. Is it still held in St Kilda?
  2. Welcome mate
  3. Hi Sickly and welcome to NR.

    If you need help getting to practice let me know or post up in the Saturday Practice thread. There are a few of us cross the Westgate to get to practice and we can shepherd you over. Alternatively if you don't want to use Westgate for a while, use Footscray Rd or the like.

    Oh yeah, Good luck with the L's
  4. Welcome to NR Sickly
  5. Welcome to NR Sickley ,

    good luck with getting your L's , you'll be fine ..

    and speaking of Kowai , where the heck have you hidden her :p
  6. G'day Sickly and welcome to Netrider.
    Best of luck today with your L's and enjoy the day (y)
  7. Hey Sickly,
    Welcome aboard and good luck with your L's tomorrow (today)!!!
    Look forward to seeing you down at Sat morning prac sometime soon.


  8. Welcome Sickly! Good luck on your L's too and I'll see you sometime on a Saturday session!
  9. Jarrod??? Welcome.

    Finally, been a long time, Mate.

    PS. Can we have our Kowai back?.
  10. Thanks for the wellwishes guys, looks like it all went my way and I'm a very proud learners permit holder! Thanks GreyBM, I might need a bit of an escort to get over there the first couple of times.

    Doug! It's definitely been too long, and I thought it was now or it would continue to be never and just signed up rather than waiting for the "perfect" time.

    To Kitt and Doug: Seeing me on the bike has definitely made Laura jealous and hopefully you'll see her again soon. I imagine she'll be on the road again a bit after Christmas.
  11. Hey guys!

    I had to stop riding this year because I couldn't afford it :/ I just didn't have the money to renew my registration, or to get my P's.. :/ (My workplace has had financial troubles and so I've been struggling this year)

    Jarrod is taking over my bike for now, to save him from having to buy one in the mean time. I'm really jealous that I can't be out riding too.

    I'm itching to go and get my Learner's again but it's tough coming up with $250!
  12. Welcome Sicko!