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hey all just saying hi and im a newbe lol

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by jedda, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. hey all im new got my lerners a month ago and a bike and am looking for rideres to ride with lerners etc male or female round the outer east areas im in kilsyth and was woundering if any locals wish to go riding to yea and places like this so we can all get to know our bikes better and us to lol wanting just cleanbike fun and get to meet new people as well ok chow for now cya

    ride like u have neaver ridden before or should lol

  2. I'm interested to know how I can have dirtybike fun! :grin: Too bad I live far away from everyone :cry:
  3. Welcome Jedda......... :grin:
  4. hello jedda and welcome
  5. Welcome Jedda. Look after your bike and it will look after you. Keep it clean too, looks like a nice bike to start on. You'll find lots of riders eager to ride!
  6. re newbie

    thanks all for the replys birdban tigger65 moochie and nightgash a very warm welcome in deed
    as the old saying goes u neaver live too far away lol but saying this there is always something that can be done about this any how lol and clean bike fun well depending on the people etc u can start out clean and then who knows lol depends on how many singles there are lol and sorry no im straight lol will have to see if any girls would like to join lol ok all just wanted to say hi back and i hopeing the world of bikes will open many doors for all of us fun wisz and riding wize lol ok thats all for now

    lets all stay up right and may the rubber always stick to the road

  7. Welcome to NR Jedda !
  8. re newbie

    thanks vcm hope to be riding with u all one day